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The Revival Of Colony Palms Hotel & Purple Palm Restaurant Palm Springs

The Colony Palms Hotel Palm Springs

One of the endearing things about Palm Springs to this vintage Southern California girl is that it has a rich history while also being completely modern. Once again claiming its place in the Palm Springs scene is the Colony Palms Hotel, one of the old guard hidden gems, and it has gone through a complete revival.

Originally built in 1936 by reputed Purple Gang Mobster, Al Wertheimer, the Colony Palms Hotel was once a saloon, speakeasy and gambling house that later became a playground for Hollywood ICONS including Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin & Rita Hayworth. In 2007, the Colony Palms Hotel went through a complete renewal, getting the royal treatment in a collaboration with Los Angeles based Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. The Colony Palms has regained its nobility as a stunning four-star boutique hotel.

The colony palms hotel restaurant Purple Palm renewal
Not only did the hotel go through a renewal, but their restaurant, The Purple Palm Restaurant which was named after the original founder’s gang, has taken on a whole new life, thanks to a complete remodel and new head chef Greg Stillman. Inside of the beautiful courtyard of the Colony Palms Hotel, the restaurant design is full of the glamour of the 1930’s and 40’s when the Colony Palms was “the” place to be seen in Palm Springs. Amazing food, stunning decor, mountain views, and gracious service, it is absolutely wonderful.

Chef Greg Stillman in the Purple Palm restaurnt at the Colony Palms Hotel Palm Springs
Chef Greg Stillman was charged with overhauling the menu for the Purple Palm restaurant, working with California producers and foragers to incorporate the fragrant fruits and fresh vegetables of each season into his dining experiences. In his new position as Executive Chef, Stillman will continue to work closely with the boutique property to craft and evolve the California cuisine for guests and locals alike.

Colony palms hotel palm springs purple palm dinner

Look at his food! It looks almost too good to eat. Chef Stillman’s experience mixing international cuisines really shines through while still respecting the regional ingredients.

Colony Palms Hotel Palm Springs purple Palm Restaurant Remodel Bar

The Purple Palm Restaurant is an unexpected, but welcome added selection to the restaurant scene in Palm Springs. Everything seemed to be going more modern, flashy, midcentury (which I also love) but the surroundings and amazing food offered by the Purple Palm really sets itself apart as something unique and much needed.

To find out more about the Colony Palms Hotel, or to dine at the Purple Palm Restaurant visit

Colony Palms Hotel
572 N. Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262

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I Love A Clean San Diego Beach Cleanup Tomorrow San Diego

San Diego Coastal cleanup day 2014

Get out the gloves and sunscreen, the 30th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day is TOMORROW September 30th. This is supposed to be the largest countywide cleanup at more than 100 sites with 8000 volunteers expected to participate. That is a lot of people, cleaning up a lot of leftover trash at the beach.

Each year, hundreds of tons of garbage end up on the beaches and in our waterways after travelling through San Diego’s vast watershed system. Best known for its beach cleanup sites, Coastal Cleanup Day reaches far beyond the beach with more than 65 percent of sites located along the rivers, creeks, canyons and urban areas throughout San Diego County. Cleaning up these inland sites prevents trash from ever reaching the coast, stopping pollution at the source.

In 2013, 9,714 volunteers (7,714 in San Diego County and 2,000 in Tijuana) removed nearly 171,000 pounds of trash and recyclables from San Diego County’s 11 watersheds. Trash removal is just one component of the annual event. Volunteers will also conduct storm drain stenciling, invasive plant removal, native planting and graffiti removal. Another unique component of the event is the ‘on the water’ cleanups that will take place at San Dieguito Lagoon and Shelter Island/San Diego Bay.

ILACSD encourages all San Diegans to come together on Sept. 20 for this important event to improve the health of our environment and preserve the San Diego way of life for future generations. For a complete list of cleanup sites and to register to volunteer visit

Coastal Cleanup Day is one of a handful of community engagement projects coordinated by ILACSD each year. The organization has been mobilizing volunteers around beautification and pollution prevention projects since 1954. In fact, with all ILACSD events combined, volunteers remove an astounding one million pounds of debris every two years.

So sign up, and help to clean up San Diego!

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Summer Doesn’t Have To End – Colorful Linens Set The Table



hen house linens lunch on table

I know that people in Southern California try to tell the rest of the country that we do indeed have seasons, but truth is it’s usually a mix of sprint and summer around here. This even lends itself to our home and kitchens. Bright beautiful colors are common, especially on our tables.

I am absolutely IN LOVE with these linens I just got from Hen House Linens. Summer does not have to end with these on your table. These would be DARLING for a weekend girls’ night get together, a shower (bridal or baby), or just a casual lunch with friends.  Who would not want to have a meal with these beautiful place settings?

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Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Burger Recipe – Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day!

pinup girl fanning the barbecue with her dress

There are few things that are as satisfying to eat as a good burger. It may sound simple, a good patty with cheese on a bun. Oh. Yeah. The best thing is that you can dress it up fancy with any cheese you like, any number of cheeses you want, and the toppings can be simple (just ketchup please) or over the top (avocado, sriracha and garlic aoli hmmmm ok!).

To help celebrate National Cheeseburger Day, September 18th (put it on your calendar for next year why don’t ya), I have an awesome STUFFED cheeseburger recipe. No need to worry about the cheese on top of your burger making the other toppings sliding off, the cheese is INSIDE of the burger. YES! Not only that, but the ground meat includes Cluck ‘n Mooground. This is a blend of chicken and beef mixed together for flavor. It is also made from antibiotic and hormone free, humanely raised chickens and grass-fed cows and contains 52% less fat, 34% fewer calories and 57% less saturated fat than a typical grass-fed beef burger. All I needed to convince me to have a second, or third, helping of these Gorgonzola stuffed burgers, come on THEY’RE HEALTHY!

Ok enough chatter, let’s get down to business of making this burger.


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DIY- REAL Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

pumpkin spice latte made with real pumpkin and unrefined sugar in a glass with whipped cream

It may be over 100 degrees here in Southern California, but we love our pumpkin spice lattes. And now you can leave the drama of “What the what do they actually put into my PSL?” at the coffee shop. I have a pumpkin spice latte recipe that uses REAL pumpkin, and unrefined sugar.

This would be great for a get together on a (not so hot) weekend with friends, or even if you had a Halloween costume party with the neighborhood. REAL PUMPKIN in your pumpkin spice latte, unrefined sugar and nothing fake. You will sure to be a hit as the hostess with the best keep them warm and toasty while Trick-or-treating recipe. Or you could just make this for yourself as you drive on into work. No need to pay the coffee shop $5 for what you can make at home.


See the recipe for real pumpkin and unrefined sugar pumpkin spice latte after the jump!


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