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Meet the new Rubio’s Coastal Grill

Sangira and local beer is now available at Rubio's Coastal Grill
Every area of the country has its patron food. Seattle has teriyaki bowls, Kansas City has barbecue, and Southern California has fish tacos. This delicious deceptively simple staple became something big to all of us here, thanks mostly to Rubio’s. This casual dining restaurant took the surfers’ favorite street taco from south of the border and brought it to the rest of us.

At a blogger event earlier this month, Busy Bee Blogger got to see the newest menu items and a peek at the NEW Rubio’s Coastal Grill. All overseen and prepared by the main man himself – Ralph Rubio.

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San Diego’s Sam The Cooking Guy Returns To TV

Sam The Cooking Guy, Sam Zien, returns to Cox channel 4 with new episodes

Just when you thought it was over, Sam the Cooking Guy announced via social media yesterday that he will be returning to terrestrial TV. In the video, Sam says no one was more surprised than he was but, yes, he will be returning to Channel 4 with all new episodes of Sam The Cooking Guy.

A video posted by @thecookingguy on

Since his hiatus from Cox cable he has still very busy. He has been making his own video podcast, Sam Livecast, where he still cooks in the red kitchen but it’s all done live, spills, mistakes, mouth burning and swearing included. He even has special guests appear to make food with him, and be interviewed. We were interviewed on his Livecast last year during the “Bacon Hot Dish” episode.

This is so very exciting for Sam The Cooking Guy fans. To celebrate, Sam is holding a live Q & A Thursday February 5th on Facebook.

Thank you for all the great comments, and ur not even my mom!
I’ll be hosting a live Q & A Stream Chat right here this Thursday from 7.30pm – 8.30pm Pacific time.

Stay tuned for further details on how to get involved. It’s super easy, free of course and I’d love to hear what you have to say – unless it’s stupid. Oh what the hell, I’ll even listen to the stupid stuff.

So have a cocktail in hand, sit back and let’s chat!

Sam is pretty open and will answer most questions, so this should be fun.

Do you get Sam The Cooking guy re-runs in your area? What do you think about his return to television?

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Romantic San Diego Hot Air Balloon Ride Has Unexpected Landing – VIDEO

San Diego area hot air balloon makes emergency landing with wedding party on board
A wedding party was in for an unexpected ride in a hot air balloon the other night here in Southern California. Instead of floating over beautiful San Diego north county they had to make an unplanned landing in Sorrento Valley. Did I mention that they were getting married during the ride?

“We had an awesome experience, that was fun,” said groom, Ruben Mendoza.

Moments after the newlyweds said their “I do’s” trouble was in the air.

“We didn’t feel like we were in any danger, we were just slow in the balloon. It was fun, it was fun,” said the bride’s father, Curtis Kam.

After Ruben and Sequoia Mendoza said their vows the pilot of Magical Adventures says the north wind gave up and they were heading further south than he wanted. [760KFMB]

The pilot of the balloon said that the wind turned right after the couple said their vows, and he had to make a decision on where there would be a safe place to land.

“At some point I had to make a decision do I continue into the Penasquitos Canyon Preserve which all the passengers and equipment would have to be physically removed by hand like them hiking out and carrying out equipment,” said Brandt.

Before the basket landing the pilot clipped a tree, “We hit the tree harder than the landing,” said Kam. “The tree helped us and when we landed it was pretty soft.”

Brandt says he intentionally hit the tree for a softer landing that placed them in the northbound lane of Lusk Boulevard just north of Mira Mesa Boulevard.

That is quite the story to tell all of your friends. Not only did they get married in the balloon but then it was an adventure that ended up on every news channel in the San Diego area. Who needs a videographer when you have a news crew! Watch the video of the hot air balloon over Sorrento Valley below.

San Diego, California Talk Radio Station – AM 760 KFMB

The Perfect Any Time Of Day Recipe – Whole Wheat Blueberry Coffee Cake

blueberry coffee cake recipe from nestfresh eggs
Image via NestFresh Eggs

To celebrate National Egg Month, BusyBeeBlogger was given product to review by NestFresh in exchange for this post.  All editorial content is our own.

January is National Egg Month and to celebrate I was originally thinking that I would share one of my favorite eggs Benedict recipes. But, there is just something about this time of year that makes me want to bake. What I love to bake most are things that I can have for breakfast or dessert. That usually involves me making a coffee cake. I just love a good coffee cake. When I found this recipe for Whole Wheat Blueberry Coffee Cake thanks to NestFresh eggs, I knew I was going to be one happy camper. Make a batch of this delicious blueberry coffee cake this weekend for breakfast and see how great it is for a snack and if there is any left, for dessert.

Click for the recipe!

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To The East Coast, We’re Sorry … Not Really

Snow storm Juno hit the east coast this January 2015 and dropped large amounts of snow.
Dear East Coast,

We are sorry. We Southern California natives are watching you dig out from under the snow storm of 2015 all from our couches. Unless we are in the mountains, we don’t see snow in person. It is more of an idea than something we really deal with, like the tooth fairy.

We just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and to help you through this difficult time we wanted to share what we are going through.
View from Double peaks in San Elijo Hills, north san diego county, CA southern california

We hope this helps, and you are free to visit us any time here in Southern California.

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