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Most Unique Gift For Holidays – Name A Star With International Star Registry

A great holiday present or a way to celebrate a life event.  Buy a star to celebrate or as a fantastic Christmas gift.
This post is Sponsored by International Star Registry. All editorial content is my own

Unique Holiday Gift Giving

Are you looking for an over the top gift for Christmas? Some people are just difficult to shop for during the holidays, some had really big events happen this year. I have the PERFECT gift for both of them: Buy a STAR for them! International Star Registry is offering this great option for you and those you want to spoil with the most amazing gift.

Name A Star

This year, International Star Registry is offering something new. They are introducing a New Photographic Sky Chart in their star package when you name a star. Since 1979 International Star Registry has been naming stars for people all over the world. The star names and their coordinates are permanently recorded in the book YOUR PLACE IN THE COSMOS to be registered at the Copyright Office of the United States of America. To date 9 volumes of this book have been published containing over 2 million star names. The Photographic Sky Chart is a collaborative effort between a team of German photographers and International Star Registry. The location of the named star you chose for you loved one is digitally indicated and circled.

International Star Registry.  Name a star after your loved one, or celebrate a life event including the date with your very own star
This black framed photograph of the star makes an incredible gift. I got one for my dad and his wife, and I think it looks beautiful. There is also a beautifully presented certificate that presents all of the information about the star. It shows the star name and the coordinates all in a beautiful certificate. There is also a sky chart that shows where the star is located, including constellations nearby to help with location.

Celebrate Life Events

For this Buy A Star gift, I was also able to pick a date that was special to all of us in the family. This date is also highlighted on the certificate that shows the Star Name and the star’s coordinates. If your loved one graduated from school, had a baby, got married, or had another big life event this year then adding the date to their star name would really be a great personal touch. What better way to commemorate this event in their life than to have it on their personalized piece of the heavens! It will be forever written in the stars… literally!

So if you have someone that you just cannot figure out what to get a gift for during the holidays, or if you are celebrating something big this year, why not Name A Star for your loved ones? It will be something they will never forget.

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San Diego TV Icon Larry Himmel Dies From Cancer

San Diego TV and Radio personality Larry Himmel had died of cancer.

It is a sad morning here in San Diego county. Long time news, radio and TV personality Larry Himmel has died. Larry had been a staple in the San Diego news community for nearly 40 years but lost his battle with cancer last night.

He was sometimes refered to, tounge in cheek, as the godfather of San Diego. If you needed something done, especially in the radio/tv/news arena, he was the man to approach. Radio show The DSC even credited him with them getting their show back on the air after the kerfuffle at another radio station. Whether or not he had that much power or reign, there was no questioning that Larry Himmel had a footprint here in San Diego county.

Those of us from this San Diego are remember Himmel from his TV show San Diego At Large, doing everything from color commentary/man on the street/weather/sports for KFMB channel 8, and radio. Others around the world will remember him as the reporter that watched his own home burn on air.

Larry Himmel was reporting on the San Diego fires in 2007 when he was near his own home at 4-S Ranch. The firefighters were unable to save his home but did allow Himmel and his videographer to go and report on his own home being consumed by the flames. His professional demeanor during this moment was stunning and gained him recognition across the country.

While there will be tears from the loss of such a fun personality of Larry Himmel here in San Diego, we here at Busy Bee Blogger will remember him fondly… as Biff the surfer, his nose covered in zinc oxide, wearing flowered board shorts, and watching pretty girls on the beach.

Thank you Mr. Himmel for being a mainstay in my childhood. We love you.

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Your Thanksgiving Pie Dilemma Is Solved #MamasPies2014

Mamas Kitchen is having its yearly fundraiser Mama's Pie In The Sky raising money to feed hot meals to those with cancer and HIV/AIDS in the San Diego county.  A $25 pie will give 8 hot meals to those in need

Thanksgiving Pie Dilemma

Ah the holidays. The air is crisp you are snuggled up in your coziest outfits, and oh yeah, you have to bring the pie to the party. What? You don’t bake pies! You have to go to work, get the kids, and get ready! Even if you like baking who has time to make a PIE? Not YOU that’s for sure.

Problem solved.

Mama’s Kitchen in San Diego is making the pies for you. And these aren’t your store bought tastes like the freezer pies. These are baked by some of San Diego county’s best restaurants and volunteers just for the Thanksgiving holiday. Honestly, you could be getting an $80 pie for only $25.

Mama's Kitchen is holding its annual pie in the sky fundraiser to feed those with cancer and HIV/AIDS in the San Diego county region.

Mama’s Kitchen Pie In The Sky Bake Sale

Oh, and did I mention the feel good factor with these Mama’s Kitchen pies? Not only will you save the day with the most delicious apple, pecan, or pumpkin pies in all of San Diego county, but you will be helping those who need it. Mama’s Kitchen, a nonprofit organization that delivers healthy meals at no cost to San Diego men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS or cancer vulnerable to hunger. The Mama’s Pie In The Sky Thanksgiving bake sale is one of their biggest money makers. With each pie sold they are able to deliver 8 hot meals to those living with cancer or HIV/AIDS in the San Diego county.


So this Thanksgiving you will be solving two problems at the same time. By bringing one of Mama’s Kitchen pies you will arrive at your Thanksgiving dinner looking amazing (not covered in sweat and flour) all while helping out your neighbors. For $25 you can order you favorite pie today, Dutch Apple, Apple, Pumpkin or Pecan, and you will pick it up at your nearby Wells Fargo when they are ready for delivery. Easy as pie!

You’ll be the hero of the party AND your hometown. Go ahead, wear that tiara proudly.

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Social Fresh West – San Diego

social fresh top social media conference at the Omni Hotel San Diego custom cocktail

Social Fresh West Conference Review

This past week was able to attend one of the top Social Media conferences, and it was right in my Southern California backyard. Social Fresh is a social media education conference with sessions in Florida and California each year. I was able to listen to and speak with top social media managers from all areas of business including Copyblogger, Lilly Pulitzer, TV Land, HP, and even the man responsible for the Arby’s Pharrell tweet during the Grammy’s. No one took longer than 30 minutes to present, so it was easy to take it. The Social Fresh conference perfect for what I do for but also for my Social Media clients.

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Feel Better Tips When You Overdid The Night Before – Natural Hangover Remedies

Gil Elvgren pinup nurse with black stockings and white high heels

How you feeling this morning? Not so good? Too much sugar, one too many cocktails, not so great food and no sleep are the ingredients for a terrible morning and an awful hangover. Don’t fret, I have a few tips and natural hangover remedies to help with the night before.






Natural Hangover Remedies

Baking Soda - Have a tummy ache from too much sugar/greasy food/cocktails? This is an easy and CHEAP hangover remedy and upset tummy fix. Add an advil or asprin if you have that hangover headache.

* Get a small glass, coffee mug, whatever you have sitting in the cabinet.
* Take that box of baking soda that is sitting in your pantry not doing anything and get a nice big spoonful and put it in your glass.
* Add about 4 ounces of water. Stir.

This fix tastes TERRIBLE, but just think of it like a happy tummy shot, unlike the ones you had last night. Drink it all in one go, do not sip this or you will not finish.  Warning this will make you burp.  A lot.  But trust me when you have an upset stomach it does wonders.  I’m not sure how much to use with kids who ate too much candy and now have a stomach ache, but I know it works on adults.

Drink Water! - I know this might not sound fantastic but just do it.  If you throw up from it, you were going to do that anyway.  At least now you can move on with your life and start feeling better.  The sugar and alcohol need to LEAVE YOUR BODY!  Get it out.  Drinking plenty of water will help that process.

No Sugar - Don’t even think about it.  Your body is already having a hard enough time with what you did last night, so let it do its clean up job.  Don’t go pouring sugar into your coffee, syrup on pancakes, donuts, candy bars, just don’t do it.

Coconut oil- Just follow me on this one.  For some reason, adding a spoonful of coconut oil to your coffee helps you feel better.  Do not add sugar to it, just the coconut oil.  You can also use olive oil, but the coconut takes better in teas and coffee, but it will do in a pinch.

Elvgren red hair pinup exercise machine weight loss stockings garter heelsGo For A Walk | Do Some Yoga - Yes I know, you hate everyone and everything, but get your butt moving.  I DO NOT suggest a run as the motion may upset your tummy even more, but you need to move and sweat my friend.  So put on some sunglasses and grab a bottle of water and face the day. Your body will thank you.   Not going outside?  Do some yoga, walk up and down your stairs, march in place.  Just do SOMETHING other than lay on the couch.

Sauna - If you are luck enough to have a steam room or sauna available, get in there!  Bring TONS of water, and sweat it. I prefer infrared saunas and wraps, but any kind will be a benefit. Bring a buddy just in case you need to leave quickly though, or forbid pass out.

Green Smoothie - This awful feeling may be just what you need to jump start a better diet. Why not try a green smoothie full of fiber and vitamins? It’s easy to drink, and if you add a banana that will add some much needed potassium to your body.

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