Ok, Where WAS Angelina
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Posted by on Jan 25, 2010 |

Ok, Where WAS Angelina

So, the other night, I was sitting at home watching the Hope for Haiti Telethon, and up pops Brad Pitt.  OK whatever.  I mean one of his BFFs, George Clooney DID organize the whole thing so big deal right?   So, after two hours of music and disaster, it was over.

One of the questions I kept thinking was, “Where was Angelina?   I mean, she does a lot of work with Wyclef Jean, and his organization that donates to Haiti.  HECK, she pimped out her pregnant belly for Yele!

So why wasn’t AJ there to support her friend?  The official word was the she was in NYC getting ready for a photo shoot at Vanity Fair (but there were performances from NYC and London, too, hmm interesting).  BUT!  Vanity Fair is saying that wasn’t true.

Though some reports claim she was in New York City shooting an upcoming Vanity Fair cover, a magazine rep tells Us: “The reports from this weekend are incorrect.”

So what’s the deal?   What was she up to?

Image by Fame Pictures, Quote from USWeekly