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Never Let Her Go!

judi dench quantum of solace

It seems that Dame Judi Dench has tired of playing M, James Bond’s boss.  But producer, Barbara Broccoli, daughter of original producer Cubby Broccoli, has refused to let her quit.  That’s a woman with brains my friends.

She is our anchor,” says Broccoli. “She is the anchor of the film in terms of the character. She is the only authoritative figure in Bond’s life. I think the moral conflicts between them are very interesting, and I think she is such a phenomenal actress, that as a woman, she has so much authority without having to bang her fist on the table. She had such a great relationship with Pierce (Brosnan) on the screen. And she has such a great relationship with Daniel (Craig). She is our anchor. She is the real Bond girl! The one that keeps it all going, and I don’t want her to leave. She keeps threatening to leave but I will not let her!”

Ms. Dench has played ‘M’ since Golden Eye with Pierce Brosnan, and (thankfully) has a larger role in the new Quantum of Solace out this past weekend with Daniel Craig.

And she’s my favorite part of the Bond franchise.  A strong woman, with class and style?  What a thing to see.


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