Millionare Matchmaker Fires At Former Assistant
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Posted by on Nov 11, 2010 |

Millionare Matchmaker Fires At Former Assistant

It’s a matchmaker CATFIGHT!  Bravo TV’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, is responding to some very choice words her now former assistant Chelsea Autumn had about her boss. Apparently, Chelsea said that you can’t trust a matchmaker, who can’t find a match for herself! Hmmmm hmmm.

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“I have been in relationships that last longer than marriages,” Patti tells Life & Style. “I can commit.” [Life & Style]

Oh and Chelsea, who has her OWN matchmaking site to promote ( also said that she found her new boyfriend all on her own thankyouverymuch with no help from Patti. But Patti begs to differ, of course she does.

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“I just had to laugh. I did set her up with her boyfriend. He asked me out first, but I knew he needed someone younger and gave him Chelsea’s number. I later found out that he had no car and no home, and I warned Chelsea, but she didn’t listen. You would think that after eight years in the matchmaking business, she would have better judgment skills.”

Um, I have to call Bullshiznit on that one, Patti. If you knew he had no job, and no car, and you STILL suggested he contact Chelsea that’s a BAD MOVE on the part of the matchmaker. You just shot yourself in the foot my friend. Also, wasn’t that about the time that Patti was still with her now ex-fiancé?  Wouldn’t be reason for NOT dating the jobless homless guy be because you had a FIANCE?????

Whatever.  I think they’re coordinating to be honest.  I mean, it’s press for BOTH businesses AND Patti’s TV show.

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