Kids are Gross and Here's The Proof *VIDEO*
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Posted by on Aug 27, 2013 | 9 comments

Kids are Gross and Here’s The Proof *VIDEO*

Bounty and Puffs reveal the messes and germs lurking behind in an elementary school classroom after just one hour without paper towels and tissues! (Photo: Gary He)

This little pinup doesn’t have any kids, but, oh this is perfect for all my friends with kids going back to school.

Kids are gross. I’m sure YOUR kids are lovely little angels who never get messy, but in general, kids are little germ factories.

Bounty & Puffs have teamed with Wakefield Research to provide a rare look into what really goes on inside the nation’s K-6 classrooms, from those who know best, K-6 teachers.

How long does it take for children to mess up a clean classroom? The answer is only less than an hour! Most alarming for parents, the survey found that keeping up with the mess is directly affecting teacher’s curriculum:

· 2 in 5 (38%) kindergarten teachers spend more time cleaning their classroom compared to their home.
· A majority of K-6 teachers (89%) feel cleaning their classroom competes with other classroom activities.

Messes are not limited to just spills. 56% of K-6 teachers feel back-to-school season is the most dangerous time of year for immune systems.It doesn’t help that 97% have found something gross in their classroom, outside of the trash can:

· The top gross-outs include: used tissues (85%), followed by food remnants (68%), gum (45%), graffiti (39%), and boogers (38%). Can you spell yuck?

That’s so gross. But probably not that much different from your office, am I right? So how can you help?

Tips from Bounty & Puffs

· 78% feel their classroom would stay clean for less than a full school week if they didn’t have any paper towels.Ask each parent to bring in a roll of paper towels or a tissue box on back-to-school night.
· A majority (90%) of K-6 teachers feel teaching students how to fight germs in the classroom should be part of the curriculum. So- add in a lesson plan!

Maybe we can teach kids to help clean at home, too? And these tips are good for work. I know a few people that need to learn how to clean up their own ickiness. blarg.

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  1. That’s a great idea- teaching them about cleanliness in the classroom and encouraging them to help out around home too. Sad to think the teachers’ curriculums are suffering because they have to spend more time cleaning up messes :(

  2. LOL – kids can get real dirty when they want to

  3. kids are repulsive – do we really need them?

  4. Totally messed when my granddaughter comes into a room 1/2 hour later it is like it was hit by a tornado

  5. So true I call my 2-year-old hurricane ava ;-)

  6. Wow, that’s an eye-opener!

  7. Yuck, my kids classes all include disinfectant wipes and kleenex on the school supply list and in kindergarten lysol spray. The germs are bad but cold season is hell if you aren’t on top of sanitizing a classroom.