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Happy Anniversary To Prince William and Duchess Kate

It has been one year since Prince William married his bride Kate Middleton.

I find it quite interesting how much attention has been placed on Kate and her sister Pippa ever since then. Oh and Prince William and Prince Harry of course.

I wish both Will and Kate all the luck in the world. With the pressure that seems to be on them, they’re going to need it.


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More Riveting Pics Of Pippa Middleton Walking With Coffee

Can. You. Stand it??? More RIVETING photos of author (and possible auntie to be) Pippa Middleton walking on her way to work with a cup of coffee! I. Could. Die.

I have no idea what I would do if the paps followed me every morning from my ivory tower to my computer with my cup of coffee in hand. Goodness knows I would take more time getting my outfits together.

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Pippa Middleton to Write Party Planning Book?/

Chapter 1: Buying the perfect cup of coffee

Her Royal Hotness, Pippa Middleton, is rumored to be doing something productive. I mean, other than being photographed headed to work in very casual yet stylish outfits by the paps.

Rumor has it, that Pippa will be penning her own book on party planning!

Some of you may not know it, but the Pipster DOES have experience in this area. The Middleton family are VERY successful caterers and party planners for the well to do in the UK. This IS Pippa’s REAL job. Yes there is a real job that she goes to, not just buying coffee then going home. And I for one would be interested in what she has to say about planning parties. It’s like Martha Stewart only younger, and British.  There could be  helpful hints like, how to upstage the guest of honor, or make sure you look fabulous from all angles and don’t forget flirting with gingers tread with caution.

Now, even though this book is just a rumor, it’s been said that the Royal Family is none to happy about this idea. They feel that Pippa is cashing in on THEIR brand (much like Princess Di’s tacky brother did). Come now, a girl has to make a living SOMEHOW! Why not encourage her to make it on her? Or on the coat tails of her already successful parents?

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Pippa Middleton's Fashionable Coffee Grab

I am loving Pippa Middleton’s fashion choices. This. Jacket. I love it. I want to know who makes it, and if i can even consider buying it. Anyone? Anyone have a clue?

I’m not even going to bother looking for the purse. Chances are I can’t have that one at this time.

Pippa Middleton made her way to work through South Kensington, London on November 2, 2011. Pippa stopped for a cup of coffee before heading in.

Image via Barcroft/Fame Pictures
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