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Sheryl Crow's Got Herself A New Man

Sheryl Crow is a busy busy woman.  She has two kids, is on tour with (rumored) former flame Kid Rock, and now… She’s got herself a new boyfriend.  She is usually tight lipped about things, preferring to blast out her relationships in song, but the cancer survivor recently stepped out with her new(ish) boyfriend at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s 2011 Spring Ball in New York.

Sheryl Crow Keeps Relationships Private on Purpose

Why do I say he’s new(ish)? Her new boyfriend, musician Doyle Bramhall II, has been her producer and bandmate for years!

“They’ve known each other for a really long time but it only turned romantic recently,” the source says. “She’s really happy. He’s a really great guy.”

Contrary to her previously stated desire to keep her private life super private, Sheryl also decided to blab in an interview about him, talking about being friends first.

Sheryl Crow Adopts Second Son!!!

“We have a great foundation, having known each other for 15 years,” she tells the magazine. “[But] I’ve been in the situation where I’ve been involved with people and their kids, [*cough*Lance Armstrong*cough*] and if the relationship doesn’t work out, it’s heartbreak. So I’m keeping the relationship friend-based when we’re around the kids.”

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A reason to head to Miami! Lance Armstrong Is In Town!

Livestrong Wristband? Check.  Mellow Johnny hat? Check -busybee

I normally try to avoid pics of celebs and their kids, out of respect for the kids, but today I am making an exception.  7 time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong and current baby momma, Anna Hansen are in Miami soaking up the warm weather.  Along for the ride are their two kids together, Max and tiny Olivia.

Can you believe this man is 39?!?!?

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More pics below!

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Lance Armstrong Welcomes Olivia Marie AKA Cinco Armstrong

Former cyclist, and now full time cancer advocate, Lance Armstrong is expanding his franchise. Late last night, Lance and his girlfriend, Anna Hansen, welcomed daughter Olivia Marie into the world. Of course, he had to let us all know, via twitter.

via @lancearmstrong: Olivia Marie Armstrong has arrived!

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And being the twitter addict he is, Lance set up “Cinco Armstrong’s” Twitter account months ago.

This is the second child for Lance and Anna. Lance has 3 children from his previous marriage.

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