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Mad Men Season 7 Cast Photos

joan harris christina hendricks TWA plane season 7 mad men

The final season of retro-vintage-mega-hit Mad Men is finally upon us. AMC has released the Mad Men Season 7 cast photos and they show everyone in a new early 70s light. Oof, the fashion of the late 1960s and early 70s sure was… um… unique.


Don Draper (Jon Hamm) has not changed all too much, he is still slick hair and suits.


Betty Draper/Francis (January Jones) is still my favorite style Barbie. Her hair is amazing.

The only one that surprised me was Megan Draper and her world’s longest eyelashes. I know that was the style for a TV star, but oh emm gee.

Peggy-Olson-Elisabeth-Moss-Harry-Crane-Rich-Somme-Stan-Rizzo-Jay-R-Ferguson-Ken-Cosgrove-Aaron-Staton-Michae-Ginsberg-Ben Feldman-mad_men_season_7-Frank-Ockenfels-AMC

Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) remains sweet but strong and Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks) bring her bright colors back. And it looks like Peggy will finally be flying on an airplane. (Previously in another season she told Don she had never ridden on a plane).

Everyone is on the go in these cast photos. I really wonder what this means for the final season.

Are you excited for the final season of Mad Men?

All images from AMC
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The Return Of Mad Men’s Final Episodes See Season 7 Teaser HERE!!

jon hamm as don drapper mad men season 7 TWA airplane

The is the last season of cult hit, Mad Men. Season 7 premieres April 13th on AMC, but until then, we have this teaser.

Yes, it is on the short side, but at least Don Draper looks like he crawled out from the bottle of his bottle and took a shower. I wonder where he is off to leaving Megan, Betty and kids behind. Is Sterling Cooper expanding? We will see starting April 7th.

Image via Hollywood Life

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Man Men Season 6 Finale TONIGHT!

Roger Sterling, John Slattery, Don Draper , Jon Hamm, Joan Harris, Christina Hendricks,Pete Campbell ,Vincent Kartheiser, frank ockenfels amc

It’s finally here, the Season 6 Finale of Mad Men. Now, I was even less impressed with this current season than last, and if it hadn’t been for my partner, I don’t think I would have watched at all. Let’s hope Season 7 of Mad Men is better.

I keep trying to think of anything super interesting that happened this season and I’m having a difficult time. Sure Don (played by Jon Hamm) almost died in a Los Angeles swimming pool, but that’s nothing new for him. (Remember his loss of consciousness in Palm Springs?)

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Of course there was Abe and Peggy. And Peggy stabbing Abe, then Abe breaking up with her in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

Highlights – Harry Crane’s side burns and ascot Ted and Peggy’s kiss. That was something exciting. Joan having to be whisked to the hospital. Bob’s teeny swim trunks. Pete having to leave his home for his apartment. Sally catching her dad in the act of cheating with the neighbor. Roger (played by John Slattery) just Roger, he’s always good)

THe only thing I’m interested in is WHO IS BOB?!?! Where did he come from and what is really going on?

Other than that, I’m not really feeling anything. Am I forgetting something amazing?

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Jessica Pare (Mad Men’s Megan Draper) Talks Relationships, Fashion, and French

mad men season 6 e 1 and 2 megan draper Jessica Pare image by Michael Yarish AMC 2

After the long weekend and a rather twisted episode of Mad Men, we have a peek into Megan Draper thanks to an interview with Jessica Pare. Don’t expect anything too deep, thank gawd, it’s mostly how she is a fan of the show, as well as an actress, and how she loves being able to speak French with Julia Ormond.

Oh, and the fashion. Of course.

Q: How have you been handling the success from the show?

A: It’s been fantastic! First of all, it’s been great to have access to the scripts and the people who are such big fans of the show. It’s made meeting and auditioning a lot more fun. I’ve also had the opportunity to do…a couple of tour dates with The Jesus and Mary Chain singing…and I sang in front of 10,000 people the first night.

Mad Men Zou Bisou Bisou Jessica Pare Megan Draper
Q: How’s your single “Zou Bisou Bisou” doing? Do you own a copy yourself?

A: I have a bunch. [Laughs] To be fair, I haven’t listened to it. I haven’t really needed to. It’s still really cemented up in there. I saw about six months ago that it was number one on the world music charts, which was definitely unexpected.

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Q: Fans were initially skeptical when Don married his secretary. How has the feedback about Megan changed?

A: I think understandably when Don proposes to Megan at the end of Season 4, people were sort of disappointed that he’d made the apparently easy choice. But we didn’t know anything about Megan, so as her character has developed, we see that it’s not so cut and dried… She’s actually seemingly a great choice.

Mad Men Season 6 Megan Draper, Jessica Paré, Don Draper, Jon Hamm in Episode 4

Q: Don and Megan have a complicated relationship. Where do you stand on it?

A: It’s ever evolving… I think they are happy in the very beginning. Matthew Weiner was quoted somewhere as saying that they are two sides of the same person, but the problem with that is that person is Don. So when she splits off and decides to pursue her passion, there’s a distancing that happens.

Q: Megan and Don seem to be in a constant tug-of-war over their different paths in life. What advice would give to someone in Megan’s shoes?

A: I think we’re all engaged in that every moment of every day. How can I get to do what I want to do while maintaining the balance of the universe as a whole? Like, how do I eat this donut and also fit into my jeans? How can I have a career and also have a home life? I wish I had advice.

mad men season 6 e 1 and 2 megan draper Jessica Pare image by Michael Yarish AMC

Q: Your character gets to wear so many amazing dresses. Do you have a favorite?

A: There are so many. It’s all a blur. There was a black-and-white houndstooth coat and dress that I really, really loved. Though I don’t own anything like that, if, say, anybody wanted to get it for me, that would be fine. [Laughs]

Q: You’re actually French-Canadian. Did you give Julia Ormond and Ronald Guttman any tips to perfect their accent?

A: I did actually because I’m from Quebec and Ronald is Belgian, I believe, and Julia is English. So I gave them a few ideas…. I love any time that I get to speak French because I don’t get to do it that often… It’s difficult when you’re living in the States and you have nobody to speak it with because you lose it really quickly.

Q: When Don gets solicited at the bar at the end of Season 5, what was your reaction? Did you worry, that was the beginning of the end for Megan?

A: Definitely… I am really attached to Megan now. I really love her so much. [Laughs] So, there’s a part of me that’s like, “How could you do that to Megan?”

Q: Some fans are excited at the thought of Don returning to his old ways. What were your thoughts?

A: I’m a fan that plays Megan Draper. [Laughs] So, not really. I’m not that excited to see if the old Don is coming back.

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Mad Men Live Chat Season 6 Episode 4 EAST COAST FEED!

Mad Men Season 6 Megan Draper, Jessica Paré, Don Draper, Jon Hamm in Episode 4

Mad Men Season 6 Live Chat TONIGHT at 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific.

After requests, ‘s Live Mad Men chats have returned! I will see you here tonight!

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