Give Me Your Thanksgiving Stories!
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Posted by on Nov 25, 2011 | 1 comment

Give Me Your Thanksgiving Stories!

Alrighty. I want your best/worst Thanksgiving stories from THIS year. Did your nephew sneeze all over the turkey? Did someone forget the pie in oven and smoke the entire house out?

There might be a prize, I’ll have to look through some swag I have, and it depends on how good your stories are.

I’ll start, if that helps.

I was at a great dinner with friends, and one of the couples was arguing all night. It got so bad, that the girl got hammered drunk, and her boyfriend escaped through the bathroom window and left her there!!! Not. Joking.

Give me your stories!!

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1 Comment

  1. well, my wife almost forgot to put the whipping cream in the cheesecake!

    Yeah, I got nothin’………