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Dita Von Teese Has A New Ride

When she’s not dazzling crowds with her Swarovski crystal emblazoned sets for her burlesque shows, or debuting new dress lines in other countries, Dita Von Teese is just your average girl doing average things. You know, like shopping for a car to run errands around town.

This morning Dita posted a photo of her newest collectible. A 1950’s Cadillac!

Just bought this Cadillac! (That’s my 30’s Packard behind it) My 1st 50s-era car…excited for automatic transmission+ A/C! I call it: “Steel Xanax”

Dita has a bit of a collection going of classic cars, but this is the first with air conditioning and an automatic gear shift.

Can you imagine seeing Dita rolling around Los Angeles in this thing? It’d be like an apparition of a time gone by. I wonder if she has driving gloves…

Image via Dita Von Teese

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1 Comment

  1. of course she does!! and it takes her 5 minutes to remove them (with music)