Dita Von Teese For Perrier Winter 2011!!! [Pics & VIDEO]
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Posted by on Oct 10, 2011 |

Dita Von Teese For Perrier Winter 2011!!! [Pics & VIDEO]

She’s back! Dita Von Teese is back on the green bottles Perrier this winter!

Dita Von Teese Returns To The Perrier Mansion [VIDEO]

Today, Perrier announced that their relationship with the queen of the new burlesque will be continuing.

Roll The Diace with Dita Von Teese and Perrier

Nice guess! The new winter limited edition will guest Dita again.. The season will be hotter than expected! [FB]

Last winter (2010), Dita appeared on the iconic green glass bottles and cans of of the mineral water.

In case you forgot about Dita’s close personal relationship with Perrier… here’s a small reminder.

Image via Perrier Facebook
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