Dating? Trust Me, You Need A Second Mobile Number
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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 | 1 comment

Dating? Trust Me, You Need A Second Mobile Number

Ah the joys of dating. Meeting a stranger for dinner or coffee. Not knowing if he or she is going to be “the one”. How exciting. Of course, they could turn out to be a crazy person stalking you with 20 text messages and phone calls a day, and not in a fun way, either! I once had someone send me 10 messages and 3 in less than 4 hours while I was working. I was really wishing I hadn’t given them my number that day :-/

So what’s a single dating person to do? Do you just get another cell phone? You could get a forwarding service for incoming calls, but those don’t always hide your real number when you call them. Luckily, there is a new option!

Click for more info on how to keep your privacy safe!


This, is exactly what I’ve been looking for.  I HATE giving out my real telephone number to people I just started dating.  HATE IT!!!  I don’t even give out my real Facebook account.  Like I mentioned above, I’ve had a few crazy people stalk me on my cell phone making me regret ever having given them my number.

Unlike a few years ago, I can NOW use MyAKA giving me a number just for people I don’t know that well.  The second number in my own local area code, allowing two mobile numbers on one phone.  There is no need for apps, downloads or internet. All features are controlled via text message. Oh, and the second number is not linked to user information in any way.  That makes this pinup very very happy.

You can get full voice and text message support in the United States and Canada.  Also, there is the Do Not Disturb feature which sends calls to voicemail and stores text messages when enabled.  My favorite, though, is the easy number blocking and unblocking. No more regretting giving out my number to some creep. It’s just like my own number, but private, and better!!!

It won’t make all my dates princes, but it certainly gives me peace of mind.

As a reader YOU can enjoy a 7 Day Free Trial with no payment information required.

A 7 Day FREE Trial?! What’s the catch? None. With this special offer for my readers you can enjoy seven worry-free days of flirting with MyAKA, without even entering your credit card! And when you decide to keep the service, you can upgrade your number in two easy steps at the MyAKA site.  It’s as simple as that to date safely this fall.  Signup today for a fun second mobile number with no-strings-attached.

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1 Comment

  1. What a cool service! I could definitely use this since I just joined OKCupid and am a little worried about actually giving my personal info out to a guy before I meet him in person. Checking out now!