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Could Lindsay Lohan Be… Innocent this time?

Yesterday I told you all about how a woman in Hollywood filed a police report, claiming that Lindsay Lohan had pushed and shoved her for talking to some guy at the Standard Hotel on Thursday.

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Wellllll, turns out, LiLo may be *gasp* innocent!!! It seems that NO ONE at The Standard remembers seeing LL, and there aren’t ANY photos of her there that night. NONE! That’s quite the thing since I’m sure she has the paps on speed dial. LL claims she was home watching TV with friends instead of partying.

Since it’s a crime in California to file a false police report, LL and her lawyer Shawn Holley are headed down to the Sheriff’s department and ask them to investigate the woman who filed the report!

Holley tells TMZ, “If it’s true that someone made false accusations against Ms. Lohan and reported those false claims to police, we will take appropriate action — which includes seeking the prosecution of that individual.”

Come on now. Lindsay gets in trouble enough on her own, there’s no need to make crap up about her.

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