Chris Brown's Probation Revoked
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Posted by on Dec 17, 2013 | 2 comments

Chris Brown’s Probation Revoked

Chris Brown parole revoked

Girlfriend beater, and temper tantrum thrower, Chris Brown has had his probation revoked! But don’t worry little bees, this is California where we let people out of jail by the thousands so nothing will happen to Chris.

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TMZ reported that the judge in Chris Brown’s Rihanna beating case has revoked his probation due to assault charges filed in Washington D.C.

Brown was in court for a progress hearing. The judge felt the criminal complaint in D.C. is enough proof that Chris did NOT obey all laws … which he’s required to do while on probation

The judge did not remand Chris into custody, because hizzoner was impressed by Chris’ progress in his anger management rehab. The judge will hold a hearing on the matter in February, and it’s possible he could sentence Chris to time in the pokey.

The judge also ordered Chris NOT to use medical marijuana for the time being.

TMZ broke the story … Brown was popped in Oct. for felony assault — later reduced to a misdemeanor — and the L.A. County Probation Dept. launched an investigation.

This use of “rehab” as a get out of jail free card is a complete pile of reindeer poo. It is used all of the time in DUI cases here in SoCal, and nothing ever changes. Chris Brown has chosen to be violent because he can be violent and nothing has happened to make him want to stop.

Do you not remember Rihanna’s face? And he continues to act violently. *sigh* Way to go SoCal makin’ me proud all over again.

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  1. When will they just toss him in jail and throw away the key, because someday that will happen!

  2. He needs to go to jail for forever…yes, like his song.