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Chinese New Year Baijiu Cocktail – Guayaba Kiss

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a Baijiu Cocktail bright in red coloring thanks to the strawberry and guava

Chinese New Year Cocktail Recipe

“Kung Hei Fat Choy” Happy Chinese New Year to you and yours.

Will all of the celebrating, I was wondering why there were not any official Lunar New Year cocktail recipes being shared. Don’t most celebrations deserve their own festive spirited drink? So, we found a way to incorporate Baijiu? into a cocktail just in time for the New Year celebrations. Our Guayaba Kiss mixes the traditional Chinese distilled liquor with guava and strawberry. Quite refreshing with the vibrant red color for luck.

Click more for our Chinese New Year Baijiu Cocktail Recipe.

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Shag’s “The Ensuing Elephant” Release Party During Modernism Palm Springs 2015

Shag the artist new print the ensuing elephant will be available during modernism week in Palm Springs 2015

Modermism week is within sight here in Southern California, and so are the events. This year, the artist Shag will be a part of three separate events in Palm Springs. One of which is to celebrate his newest piece “The Ensuing Elephant”. The other two include a meet and greet and a dinner. All three events are sponsored by the Shag Store and M Modern Gallery.

This newest print from Josh Agle is a very large Limited Edition 18 Color Serigraph Print 53″ x 22″. It shows what could very well be one of the parties during Modernism week, in one of the mid-century homes located in Palm Springs. At the door of the party, is a shy pink elephant. The release party will be at M Modern in Palm Springs, and the Martini Kings will be playing.

SHAG’s “The Ensuing Elephant”
Print Release & Signing Party
with JOSH AGLE (SHAG) in Attendance

and with The Martini Kings Playing Live!

This FRIDAY, February 13th, 2015
8:00pm until 10:30pm
This Event is Free & Open to the Public

Event to be held at:

SHAG the store
725 N Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262

This should be quite the event. Josh Agle’s signing parties and release parties are always a must-do. People dress like the subjects of his paintings, there are cocktails, and Shag is always so pleasant to meet.

Can’t make the signing? You can still attend the dinner or the meet and greet.

See more about those after the jump


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Romantic San Diego Hot Air Balloon Ride Has Unexpected Landing – VIDEO

San Diego area hot air balloon makes emergency landing with wedding party on board
A wedding party was in for an unexpected ride in a hot air balloon the other night here in Southern California. Instead of floating over beautiful San Diego north county they had to make an unplanned landing in Sorrento Valley. Did I mention that they were getting married during the ride?

“We had an awesome experience, that was fun,” said groom, Ruben Mendoza.

Moments after the newlyweds said their “I do’s” trouble was in the air.

“We didn’t feel like we were in any danger, we were just slow in the balloon. It was fun, it was fun,” said the bride’s father, Curtis Kam.

After Ruben and Sequoia Mendoza said their vows the pilot of Magical Adventures says the north wind gave up and they were heading further south than he wanted. [760KFMB]

The pilot of the balloon said that the wind turned right after the couple said their vows, and he had to make a decision on where there would be a safe place to land.

“At some point I had to make a decision do I continue into the Penasquitos Canyon Preserve which all the passengers and equipment would have to be physically removed by hand like them hiking out and carrying out equipment,” said Brandt.

Before the basket landing the pilot clipped a tree, “We hit the tree harder than the landing,” said Kam. “The tree helped us and when we landed it was pretty soft.”

Brandt says he intentionally hit the tree for a softer landing that placed them in the northbound lane of Lusk Boulevard just north of Mira Mesa Boulevard.

That is quite the story to tell all of your friends. Not only did they get married in the balloon but then it was an adventure that ended up on every news channel in the San Diego area. Who needs a videographer when you have a news crew! Watch the video of the hot air balloon over Sorrento Valley below.

San Diego, California Talk Radio Station – AM 760 KFMB

To The East Coast, We’re Sorry … Not Really

Snow storm Juno hit the east coast this January 2015 and dropped large amounts of snow.
Dear East Coast,

We are sorry. We Southern California natives are watching you dig out from under the snow storm of 2015 all from our couches. Unless we are in the mountains, we don’t see snow in person. It is more of an idea than something we really deal with, like the tooth fairy.

We just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and to help you through this difficult time we wanted to share what we are going through.
View from Double peaks in San Elijo Hills, north san diego county, CA southern california

We hope this helps, and you are free to visit us any time here in Southern California.

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Snow Storm Stay Warm Recipes

elvgren pinup red santa outfit with penguins pinup

A snow storm is hitting the North East, snowpocalypse 2015, and it is going to get cold my friends. And while it is not even close to the crazy snow that is set to hit the North East, Southern California is about to be hit by rain. This is the perfect time for warm, cozy, comfort food.

Sam the cooking guy in the kitchen Sam Livecast

Chicken and Mushroom Bacon Hot Dish - Sam the cooking guy made this amazingly delicious hot dish when BusyBeeBlogger visited him on set last year. This may look like a simple casserole, but it holds together everything that can be amazing about a snow day. This hot dish blends together the delicious flavors of Sriacha, bacon, a nice creamy sauce and of course everybody’s favorite, tater tots. Grab a plate.

irish hops stew st patricks day
Irish Hops Beef Stew – Hearty, warm, filling, delicious. Do not wait until March to have this St. Patrick’s day stample. Irish hops beef stew will keep you full and warm all night long. Large pieces of potato, carrots, mushrooms and beef keep you warm and cozy on a cold winter night.

corn carrot soupCorn Carrot Soup Recipe - Looking for something just as warm and delicious, but not as hearty as the stew? Try the Corn Carrot Soup. This recipe is usually made chilled but you can warm this up and serve it in a mug to enjoy while binge watching your favorite show. Snuggle up!

Potato cheese and bacon soup. Use your Thanksgiving leftovers in a new warm delicious way.

Bacon Mashed Potato Cheesy Soup - When life gives you left over mashed potatoes, make cheesy potato soup. Warm, smokey, and cheesy. Stop dreaming and start warming up that pot!

Sobieski Cynamon Vodka Chai Tea Cocktail
Sweet & Cynful Tea - Warm up with a cinnamon and chai tea cockatil. Warm or cold, this will keep you cozy until the snow plows come to dig you out.

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