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National Tequila Day Cocktail Recipes: Blackberry Blue Nectar Bramble

blackberry blue nectar bramble tequila cocktail recipe


All this week, Busy Bee Blogger is celebrating National Tequila Day (officially July 24th but who’s keeping track really?), with tequila cocktail recipes. Today, we have the Blackberry Blue Nectar Bramble. Most would not consider blackberry tied in with tequila, but this combination is a wonderful change.

To see the recipe, click below!

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A Party Treat Fit For A Prince

spicy chocolate popcorn Coleman Mustard

Happy Birthday to the adorable Prince George! Somehow this little prince has taken hold of the celebrity world even across the Pond to America. I would venture to say it is his parents more than any of his major accomplishments, you know, like standing and drooling all over toys.

If adorable Prince George’s royal parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William wanted to stop by my place this evening, I would be sure to whip up some treats fit for a prince or two. I think they would get a kick out of my laid back Southern California lifestyle.

While George’s little mouth may not be able to handle popcorn that well (I don’t know, can little toddlers eat popcorn?) this spicy chocolate covered popcorn recipe will be sure to please the grown ups in the play group.

1 bag buttered popcorn
1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/4 cup milk
2 tsp. Colman’s Mustard
1 tbsp. light Karo Syrup

Pop the popcorn according to package directions. In a small saucepan add the chocolate chips and heat on low. Add the milk and stir constantly until the chocolate is melted and smooth. Add the mustard and the Karo syrup. Mix well. Dump the popcorn into a bowl and pour chocolate mixture over popcorn. Mix well and let it sit till it cools. Then serve.

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Tequila Week Cocktail Recipes: Charro Negro

Charro Negro Tequila Cocktail Recipe

Thursday, July 24th is officially Tequila day, but since this Southern California pinup likes her cocktails, tequila in particular, I decided we should celebrate all week. It must be due to my Southern California Lifestyle.

Today’s cocktail recipe is a twist on the Cuba Libre, but instead of rum, we will be adding the loveliness that is tequila.

Charro Negro
2 oz. Trianon Blanco Tequila
1 ½ oz. cola
Fresh lime juice
Sea salt
Lime wheel for garnish

Rim a glass with salt and fill with ice. Add lime juice, cola and Trianon Blanco Tequila. Add a pinch of salt and stir. Garnish with a lime wheel and serve.

More recipes to come throughout the week to help you celebrate Tequila day in style.

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Getting Ridiculous with Busy Bee Blogger – X-Box Kinect Video

xbox kinect video

Good Monday peeps! After an extremely busy weekend where I spent most of my time working, I really just want to play. Yes I know that it is the start of the work week, but I really just want to play. Just kick back at the house, and get ridiculous. No cocktails required (though you can have some if you like).

I recently got an X-Box Kinect for the house, after hearing about it for years from other friends, and now I wonder why I waited to long to buy one. (Not an ad, I just went out and bought one)  I got to play with Dad Bee a few weeks ago.  There was lots of sweat, and some blood (all over the screen to the TV, on the floor, the built in cabinet), and it was AWESOME!   Check out the video below.

What do you all do to completely get ridiculous?  I am loving these new video games, and have convinced myself that they are a great addition to my lifestyle because I am getting off of the couch while playing them.

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What To Wear: My Night Out In Las Vegas #AriaNightOut

Night At Aria in Las Vegas

Hey all! I am so excited, I received notice this week that I will be going to a huge event in Las Vegas as press, and I cannot wait! But just because I am going to Las Vegas for work, that does not mean that I cannot take in some of the fun. My friends have been telling me about Aria on the strip ever since it opened, and I have decided that I will be hitting it up when I get there.

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