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A Mad Men Old Fashioned Inspired Cocktail Recipe

Get ready for Mad Men final episodes with the BusyBeeBlogger Old Fashioned Cocktail made with Sia Scotch Whisky

Maybe it is because all of us here at BusyBeeBlogger have been binge watching Mad Men getting ready for the end of the series, but we have been enjoying a little bit of the brown tinted spirits. Our new drink of choice is most definitely inspired by Don Draper, and his affinity for the Old Fashioned cocktail. Our version involves woman owned Sia Scotch Whisky, a small batch whisky that gives other women entrepreneurs a hand up.

Busy Bee Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

1 1/2 ounces of Sia Scotch Whisky
1/2 orange cut into chunks and frozen
Dash of Angostura bitters (if you have them)

This recipe came out of having too many oranges in the house that were not going to be eaten in time. We had to slice all of the peels off of them and freeze what we could. Luckily for us, the large slices and chunks of oranges inspired our new cocktail. Old Fashioned Cocktails traditionally have a slice of fresh orange and a cherry for flavor and garnish. Adding the frozen oranges added the flavor needed to the scotch whisky and does not water down the cocktail as they thaw.

If you want a little more fun with this twist on the classic cocktail you can add a few leaves of mint in with frozen oranges and muddle before adding the Sia whisky.

So as your getting ready for the farewell season of Mad Men to begin this April make sure to get out the good glasses. Throw some oranges in the freezer and make yourself a Busy Bee Old Fashioned Cocktail. We would love to see what snacks you pair with our new cocktail, tag us on social media and show us!

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Cocktail Recipe – The Leonardo Punch

The Leonardo Punch Cocktail brings Amaro Lucano to the party.  Perfect for Spring get togethers

Spring Cocktail

There are a few ways to usher in the Spring when the rest of the country is finally thawing out from all of the snow. Start decorating the house in lighter colors, start buying more fruit at the grocery store, and throwing a Spring Themed get together this weekend. Easter is still weeks away, so I say throwing an early spring party is what we all need to get into the “bye bye winter blues” feeling. Besides that, it is going to be in the 80s here in Southern California this weekend, so why not throw a party! Sorry rest of the country.

The Leonardo Punch

Serves 6 people
2 oz of lemon sugar
8 1/2 oz of clear apple juice
8 1/2 oz of ginger ale
4 oz of Amaro Lucano
4 oz of Brandy
4 bar spoons of bitter cardamom
citrus slices

Place lemon sugar, clear apple juice and ginger ale in a punch bowl. Add the 4 ounces of Amaro Lucano and 4 ounces ml of Brandy, four bar spoons of bitter cardamom and last add the citrus slices.

This spring cocktail punch recipe can be made any time of year, but there is something about chilled punch that that makes me think indoor/outdoor weekend get-togethers with friends. The lemon in the Leonardo Punch brings a freshness that wakes up the senses. And they look like slices of sunshine while in the glass or floating on the punch bowl.

Adding what is usually an after dinner drink, Amaro Lucano, to the cocktail brings a new Italian twist to the cocktail punch. Amaro Lucano is usually served on its own after dinner, but due to its caramel flavor it mixes well with the ginger ale and brandy.

You could use this spring punch recipe to celebrate birthdays, engagements, or even because it is the weekend and we like being together. CHEERS!

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Snoop in A Writer’s Goody Drawer

Take a look inside my writer goody drawer. RESCUE stress relief

Writers and bloggers are a nosy group of people. We like to look around everyone else’s offices, homes, and even closets just to get an idea of how people tick. To pay back all of the people I have snooped around on, knowingly or not, I decided to give everyone a peek into my goody drawer that I have at work.

Southern California Writer Goody Drawer

This is not where I keep paper clips, pens or note pads related for work. Those are all found in the top drawer, this one is all for me. This is my goody drawer. When I am not trying to meet deadlines, or on the phone with my variety of clients, I am probably rummaging through here to find a little bit of happy.

Want to see what’s in my good drawer?  Click to find out!

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Raising Hope For Survivors of Domestic Violence With “Hope Five”

Alliance for hope hope five

Raise your hands for Hope, or rather, give it a high five.  San Diego Chargers’ safety Eric Weddle announced last week that he and jewelry company Evolution Lighthouse were joining together for Hope Five.  Like the Ice Bucket Challenge, this campaign lets all those that stand together against domestic violence to share a short creative high five video on social media.  All money raised is to go to Alliance for Hope, a 501(c) (3) charity that supports victims of domestic violence and supports children affected by domestic violence in hopes to break the cycle an abusive environment creates.


Celebrities have already gotten involved making their own videos, including NFL player Eric Weddle, andVH1′s Mob Wives star Natalie Guerico.  You can see Natalie’s video above!  And they called out their famous friends to donate to Alliance for Hope, and make their own Hope Five video.

How you can help:


1)      Film a fun, silly, creative, sexy, athletic, unique or boring high five aka “HOPE Five” to be posted on IG, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social media you have.

2)      List the domestic violence charity in your description:

3)      Challenge and tag three specific individuals (influential social people) to “Give HOPE” either in the form of a donation or to post a “Hope Five” video within the next 24 hours, tagging 3 additional people to do the same.

4)      Hashtag #HopeFive #AllianceForHopeFive

5)      Concept: Similar to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, just easier and making people smile with a Hope Five.

If you would like to participate and give to Alliance for Hope, you can donate directly at You can also treat yourself to one of the Evolution Lighthouse Hope Bracelets with proceeds going directly to Alliance for Hope.

If you tag Busy Bee Blogger on your Hope Five video, we would love to share it with everyone else.

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Chinese New Year Baijiu Cocktail – Guayaba Kiss

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a Baijiu Cocktail bright in red coloring thanks to the strawberry and guava

Chinese New Year Cocktail Recipe

“Kung Hei Fat Choy” Happy Chinese New Year to you and yours.

Will all of the celebrating, I was wondering why there were not any official Lunar New Year cocktail recipes being shared. Don’t most celebrations deserve their own festive spirited drink? So, we found a way to incorporate Baijiu? into a cocktail just in time for the New Year celebrations. Our Guayaba Kiss mixes the traditional Chinese distilled liquor with guava and strawberry. Quite refreshing with the vibrant red color for luck.

Click more for our Chinese New Year Baijiu Cocktail Recipe.

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