Bee my Match: Fixing the Profile
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Posted by on Aug 26, 2011 |

Bee my Match: Fixing the Profile

Hey little bees, I’m continuing my search on, here in So Cal. This post, is all about fixing my mess of profile.

Check it out boo bears.

I may write for a living, but the thing is, I really don’t know how to sell myself to the men on NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVS! To be honest, I had an OLD profile from last year on So when this all started I just reupped the old one. Oh that was a bad idea.

I wasn’t getting the men I was hoping for, and the men I would chose, weren’t responding. Oh that sucks.

I had OLD photos and my description of myself was basically nonexistant. So what’s a bee to do? I called up my best guy friends. Luckily, they were BRUTAL and we totally redid my profile.

I changed my profile pic. I was told the one I had was a little too harsh. I have some very sharp features in pictures (cheekbones, chin and nose can look a little edgy at times, think Gaga’s face in Born This Way, that’s what it was looking like haha). So we put up one of me looking “softer”.

The description part was also filled out. My guys said it sounded like a resume, not a fun woman. We put in my sense of humor with a few jokes, and it started sounding more like me, not a list of me.

I suggest everyone do this. Don’t just have your girls look over your profile, unless you’re looking for women that is. If you’re looking for MEN to date, have your guy friends look over your profile. They will tear it apart, and THANK them for it!

So did it help? Heck yeah. Men that I am more interested in are getting more interested in my profile. I don’t have a date this weekend, but that’s ok, I have plans to watch the UFC fight anyway ;-)

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