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Bee My Match – Drinking On The First Date?

Dating and cocktails/wine seem to go hand in hand. “Want to meet for drinks?” is the go to date, especially for a first date. But NO ONE likes to see their date get drunk, ESPECIALLY on a first date. That’s a big no no.

So, unless you’re Donald Draper, there are some rules on how to handle your drinking while on a date.

Wine while you dine: Wine came in second place for favorite drink on a date, especially on a dinner date. Splitting a bottle of wine on a date is romantic, but be sure to consult with your date on whether they prefer red or white more. On a first date, it’s probably best to stick with white wine as the red can stain your lips & teeth rather unpleasantly.

Say no to “sloppy”: Know your “I’m feeling comfortable and put together” vs. “I’m sloppy drunk” limits. Two drinks should be a max for any first date!

Fear of tears? No one likes drama served with their drinks. If you get aggressive or overly emotional when you drink, it is best to stick with water on a date. Know your behavior!

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  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing the love Honey Bee~

    The folks!