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Cocktail Recipe Thursday: Cocktails For Oyster Day

cliffidver cocktail recipe

It seems that everything has their own day now. An up side to this, is OYSTER DAY!! I love oysters, and now that I am older I can even enjoy them raw. August 5th is officially oyster day and whether you like them steamed, barbecued, raw, or in a soup this is the day for you.

But what is a celebration without a few adult cocktails to pair up with the oysters? I have two for you today: Cliffdiver made with CAMUS VSOP Elegance Cognac and the Sazerac with absinthe and Pendleton whiskey.

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Cliffdiver – Paired with fresh oysters, this cocktail makes a splash!
1 ¼ oz. CAMUS VSOP Elegance Cognac
½ oz. ginger liqueur
1 oz. apple juice
¾ oz. lime juice
¾ oz. simple syrup
Granny smith apple and fresh ginger slices for garnish
Shake all ingredients together and pour over ice cubes. Garnish with slices of granny smith apple and a sliver of ginger.

sazerac cocktail recipe

Sazerac – This classic cocktail makes a pearl of a pair!
¼ oz. Lucid Absinthe
2 oz. Pendleton 1910 Canadian Rye Whiskey
3 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters
2 dashes Angostura Bitters
½ oz. simple syrup
Lemon peel for garnish
Add all liquid ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a rocks glass with ice. Rim the glass with the lemon peel, twist over the surface and garnish.

I like oysters and clams made with butter and white white and garlic. This would be a pair up with some nice crunchy bread. If you are having people over you should just completely go for the theme by turning on some Blue Öyster Cult (more cowbell), and have a cocktail with friends.

Happy oyster day!

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Song of the Day: Halt and Catch Fire Inspired Talk Talk “Talk Talk”

Lee Pace Halt and Catch Fire strip club
Lee Pace as Joe Macmillan Halt and Catch Fire

Today’s song is retro in a whole different way. No Sinatra, no Rosemary Clooney, in fact it isn’t even vintage in the same way. I have become obsessed with a new show on AMC, Halt and Catch Fire. It is basically Mad Men in the computer age. I think they even use the same office set as Mad Men’s season 1 for the Cardiff Electric Dallas office.

AMC paired up with Spotify (which I have been using at work to listen to everything) to develop 80s playlists for each of the main characters. I have been listening to these playlists almost every day now and I love them! Each character, from Lee Pace’s sex-driven, success powered mysterious Don Draper-esque leading man Joe MacMillan, to the underground young programmer Cameron Howe (played by Mackenzie Davis), and even the COMPUTER, Giant, gets his own playlist (the party playlist).

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John Stamos In “My Man Is A Loser” – Giveaway

John Stamos my man is a loser

Want John Stamos to spend the evening at your house? Stamos’ new movie “My Man Is A Loser” is now out and is available for your own movie night On Demand (check your local cable or satellite listings) as well as Amazon Instant and for rental on iTunes. In this new movie, John plays a handsome playboy that helps his desperate married friends. (I know it’s a stretch)

When it comes to women, playboy Mike (John Stamos) has all the right moves. So when Mike’s buddies (Michael Rapaport and Bryan Callen) ask for advice on how to reconnect with their wives, Mike figures he’ll share some secrets and help the guys regain their marriage mojo. But when Mike’s lessons start backfiring with hilarious results, it takes a beautiful, no-nonsense friend (Tika Sumpter) to show Mike he still has a thing or two to learn about relationships.

Now only can you spend an evening watching Stamos in the privacy of your living room, I have a ton of prizes to help you enjoy it even more. To win see more after the jump!!

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Game Of Thrones Bloopers Video Released At Comic Con

tyrion lannister game of thrones Peter Dinklage

There are few things more viscous on television at the moment than HBO’s Game Of Thrones. While it is on hiatus, the crew made it down to San Diego’s Comic-con and gave uber fans a peek at some behind the scenes fun.

It may be hard to image these characters doing anything fun or lighthearted but this is quite good for a giggle.

Check out the video –

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Star Wars Limited Edition Guitars Released At Comic-Con San Diego

Peavey Guitars star wars darth vader

Comic-con San Diego is in full force my Southern California friends, and it is crazy. The heat took its toll yesterday on some of the costumed attendees, but other than that most everyone is ecstatic that it has begun!

One of the more fun items being released this week at San Diego Comic-Con are the new Star Wars guitars from Peavey. Your favorite Star Wars characters ready to rock on a moment’s notice. Just strap them on, and you are now the most powerful force in the universe! Ok, maybe not. But that Darth Vader Peavey guitar is pretty bad ass.

I got this sneak preview of the Darth Vader and the Luke Skywalker versions. Yeah! Haha. To see the Luke Skywalker Peavey Guitar click below!

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