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Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte Drops A Bomb On Fans *Video*

R J Mitte Breaking Bad Had An Alternate ending VIDEO TMZ

Are you sitting down? If you’re in the group of my friends that has been watching the Breaking Bad marathon this weekend, then yes, you are sitting down.

Here it goes, R. J. Mitte, who played Walt Jr throughout Breaking Bad dropped this bomb on us this week. There was an alternate ending shot for the series finale! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!

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Now, I thought the finale was PERFECT, it could not have ended better, but it seems that there were others who came up with different twists.

The thing is, R. J. doesn’t say what the alternate ending was, just that it didn’t involve him in the extended shooting.

Will we ever find out what MIGHT have happened to Walt and Jesse in the alternate universe? Dang it now I have to know!!!

Image and Video from TMZ

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  1. Wow bet you could make a pretty penny if you had access to the alternate ending.

  2. I’m just watching the show now. I’m on season 4! Such a good show!

  3. celebdirtylaundry says:

    WOW that is interesting to know!

  4. HollywoodHiccups says:

    I also thought the ending was absolutely perfect!

  5. TouristMeetsTraveler says:

    I have to be the only person in the world who did not like the ending. Would like to know what the other endings were.

  6. I’d love to see this alternate ending

  7. I have yet to watch this show… keep looking at it on Netflix

  8. I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t watched this show! will try and get into it over New Year!

  9. OMG, I need to see this. Weird obsession with BB.

  10. I can’t wait to see the rest of the show.

  11. I seriously miss Breaking Bad, it really was one of the best shows ever!

  12. Well that sounds really interesting!!

  13. Still plugging along. I watch a new episode every night.