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A Pinup Dress Makes It All Better

pinup girl with blue petticoat heels

After spending all night editing video for a project last night, tempers and tolerance were in short order this morning (This pinup so guilty of being snippy this morning, so sorry)

Then I saw that a pinup inspired dress I had ordered arrived. I *mostly* fit into it, and now everything is better.

Has a great dress ever made you just feel so much better?

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  1. So does a cocktail!

  2. Love getting things in the mail that actually work out. Where is your favorite place to find dresses online. I am obsessed with buying dresses though I rarely have a reason to dress up.

  3. Yep, especially if it fits me..

  4. celebdirtylaundry says:

    When I am grumpy and in a bad mood a new dress certainly puts a new look on the day!

  5. Nothing like ordering some new clothes to put a smile on your face!!

  6. A fresh haircut does it for me

  7. Yes! A fresh haircut after a nice shampoo and deep conditioning.