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Taste The South Pacific With Tropical Magnolia Ice Cream #MagnoliaPlease

magnolia ice creams on the beach born in the tropics enjoyed everywhere

Summer is still kicking, I don’t care what the thermometer says. I know that August and September hold the heat wave known as Santa Ana behind the scenes. That will mean ice cream.

Now, vanilla and chocolate are fine, but they can get a little, how should I say? BORING! This pinup is more of the tiki island breeze kind of girl from time to time.

magnolia-ice-cream-Avocado-Mango-Coconut-Purple-Yam-Lychee-Thai-Tea- Halo-Halo-Azuki Red Bean.

If you like a more tropical flavor in your ice cream, you need to try Magnolia Ice Cream and all of their tropical flavors of the South Pacific.

In 1969, the beach party starts, and Ramar Foods begins to innovate tropical ice cream and Filipino cuisine for American audiences. Magnolia© Tropical Ice Cream is one of the original Ramar creations. made in Northern California since 1972, with genuine California milk and the finest fruit, Magnolia offers a taste of pure paradise.

Now, I tried all of the flavors (ok I didn’t eat the avocado, but I can’t due to allergies but everyone else around me did). They were all good. Light, yummy, and super creamy.  FLAVORS – Avocado, Mango, Coconut, Purple Yam, Lychee, Thai Tea, Halo Halo, and Azuki Red Bean. 

Purple Yam Magnolia Ice Cream

All of these were yummy, but, what are the favorite Magnolia Ice Cream flavors of the BusyBeeBlogger team? Purple Yam (this was surprisingly sweet), Coconut, and Thia Tea. You can get all of these in pint or bars.

Step out of your comfort zone, try Magnolia‘s tropical South Pacific Ice Cream flavors, and then send me a thank you email.

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  1. when i think south pacific i think Gauguin

  2. Annemarie says:

    I want the coconut one…

  3. Purple Yam seems kinda weird but I am game to try it.

  4. Oh, I really want to try this ice cream

  5. Wow, looks like something I need to try.

  6. I don’t need much convincing to try this.

  7. MakeHerUp says:

    Those sound amazing I think I need to hit the grocery store.

  8. Yum, these looks delish!

  9. I love Azuki bean and Halo Halo. I want some now.