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Catch “The Latenight Callers” Playing Live This Friday!

If you are in the Kansas/Missouri area this Friday, you are in for a treat my friends. The Late Night Callers are performing at The Bottleneck, located at 737 New Hampshire St.Lawrence, KS 66044-2737. Bonus is that it’s only $5. Get to it!

Doors open at 8:00PM with the show starting at 9:00PM.

Joining the lineup are The Quivers (starting at 9) and Howard Iceberg & The Titanics (starting at 10). The Late Night Callers go on at 11.

Send me photos and video if you make it out to the show!!!

The Latenight Callers THE TEASE from Anthony Ladesich on Vimeo.

The Quivers
“If Tina Turner, Dick Dale, and Augie Meyers had a love child; this is what it would sound like!”

Howard Iceberg & The Titanics
KC’s beloved singer-songwriter, Howard’s diamond-in-the-rough lyrics are delieverd by a voice that’s just worn enough and just gritty enough. Rough yet polished – just like Kansas City. 

The Latenight Callers
“The house band at David Lynch’s pool-party, Patsy Cline singing for Portishead, Sexy Lounge Rock, Noir-a-Go-Go”

Image via Latenight Callers Facebook

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A Mug Full Of Happy!

Now, for a moment of shameless self promotion.

I ordered three Busy Bee Blogger coffee mugs off of the Busy Bee Blogger Cafe Press shop and look what I got in the mail yesterday!!! Ok, it didn’t come with the coffee already in it. That’s from this morning, and it’s still full sitting next to me. hm.

How cool is this?

If you want your own Busy Bee coffee mug *get the larger size*, or any of my other merchandise, just head to Busy Bee Blogger’s cafe press shop :-)


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Charlie Sheen On The Today Show Um, Yeah.

I say this with love, and compassion as a former shrink, Charlie Sheen is still an FN mess. Charlie is back on the scene pushing his new television show, Anger Management, where he plays, of all things, a shrink. As part of this media push, Charlie went on The Today Show, and sat down with Matt Lauer.

He looks very uncomfortable, wants to be in control of the situation, but is not. Makes inappropriate jokes, for an interview on TV that is, if it was just him and Matt at lunch they’d be somewhat funny. But there’s a time and place, and it’s best not to make jokes about finding a drug counselor that would let you drink while on national TV promoting your new show. Imjustsayin’

What. A. Mess. Check out the awkward interview below. *don’t do drugs*

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