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Black Eyed Peas Replacing Fergie? (Debut of Dad Bee)

So it seems I just don’t care about the Black Eyed Peas enough. Rumors are swirling that former meth head/pee pee pants Fergie is leaving/being fired from the band. It’s being said her replacement could be Ashanti, which I might actually tolerate. Let Fergie go take her London Bridge somewhere else into obscurity.

And how did I come about with this information? Dad Bee was a little more interested in BEP that I care to know.

Dad Bee – So who’s replacing Fergie?
BBB- What? What are you talking about?
DB – Gah… What’s wrong with you? Why do I know about these things and you don’t?
BBB – I don’t like the Black Eyed Peas, or Fergie.
DB- But you always tell me whenever she pees her pants on stage!
BBB – HAHA! That only happened once, but she talks about it all the time.  Her big thing to say is “Who HASN’T done that?”
*We both raise our hands*
DB- Oh… So she got fired, or is leaving the Peas. Or something. Because, you know, the broke up. They split. They’re the split peas.

This is where I just starting laughing until I cried… Yes, they are now the Split Peas, and I will forever refer to them that way.




*This is the inaugural post officially featuring Bee Dad. Look forward to more of his takes on stupid celebrities*




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  1. If she does leave, I really wouldn’t mind another solo album. The group was cool without her, and she will be fine without them.

  2. or “The Split Pees” Nice….