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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo REDBAND TRAILER!

We may have to wait until Summer is come and gone before we get to watch Daniel Craig in the English language version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. But right now, we have the redline trailer thanks to I NEED MY FIX!

Daniel Craig Inked For “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”

I never read the book series by Stieg Larsson but everyone says it’s fantastic.

It’s Official, Daniel Craig is Back For Bond!

Check it out below! It’s semi-NSFW due to violence and nudity.

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Song of the Day: George Harrison "Isn't It A Pity"

Maybe I’m just reflecting more than I should on this Memorial Day weekend, but this song fits.

RIP all my relatives who served, and died. And especially my great uncle who died on a submarine in the Pacific during WWII.

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A Bow, or Three, A Link with Me

1946 Bizarre Magazine Illustration by John Willie

Dipped In Cream Because there are no other musicians in the entire world

Have U Heard Rihanna kicks off Summer!

Girls Talkin’ Smack Eva Mendes disses getting Hitched

Starcasm Scottie Pippen blasphemes His Airness

Fit Fab Celebs Lindsay Lohan Working Flat On Her Back

Agent Bed Head Is Rihanna phenomenally stupid?

I Need My Fix Jennifer Lopez’s Ex Wins: He Can Release Intimate Home Video

Celebrity Dirty Laundry Lindsay Lohan Will “Relax” While on House Arrest

Celebrity VIP Lounge Ginger Coco, larger than life!

Lolebrity Obama and Obama

Ear Sucker Wait, HOW MUCH did Scotty McCreery make for WINNING American Idol?

Hollywood Hiccups Amy Winehouse grabbed a to-go Vodka on the way to rehab

Oh the Scandal Goddesses cost extra: Charlie Sheen Puts Sober Valley Lodge On The Market

Notorious News
Shannon Woodward Is Back On The Market

Amore Magazine Ryan Reynolds is too much of a player to get tied down

Daily Stab Twilight Actress is PREGNANT!

Right Celebrity Taylor Lautner Gets Emotional Over Twilight Finale! (Video)

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Platinum Hit PREMIERES On Bravo! [Video]

* The Potential Hitmakers Arrive: The talented musicians arrive in LA where they try to make their mark on the music industry.

What’s behind every great hit? Not just a standout performer; every hit starts with an idea and a talented musician.  Platinum Hit brings together 12 up-and-coming musicians as they battle it out to find the ultimate hitmaker.  With $100,000 and a publishing and recording deal on the line, the musicians will do anything to take down the competition.  Week one brings on a group challenge and different personalities clash from the get-go.  Will the musicians come up with a hit this week or will their notes fall flat?

Find out this Monday (Memorial Day!) 5/30 @ 10/9c on the *SERIES PREMIERE* of BRAVO’s Platinum Hit

* Tension in the Writing Room: It’s their first time working with together and this proves difficult when one person needs to be reigned in.

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Pregnant January Jones Is Doing Just Fine ThankYouVeryMuch

This has not been January Jones’ week. One note actor Zach Galifianakis told a story how he was a complete a-hole to her at a dinner, and there’s a rumor going around that her baby daddy is someone she worked with ( I am not going to say who it is). But I guess that’s what happens when you have a hit movie premiering.

January Jones Is Having A Baby!!

At least she’s looking fab-u-lous at the premier of X-Men: First Class. Yes, this woman, is pregnant. As if that wasn’t enough, she isn’t feeling sick at all from being pregnant.

“I feel great. I haven’t had any weird physical side effects,” Jones, 33, told PEOPLE at Wednesday’s New York press conference for her new movie X-Men: First Class.

“I feel pretty lucky so far.”

I don’t know how she’s holding up. I’d be a complete and total wreck! Puking my guts out, and not sleeping. Oh and then there’s the whole being pregnant thing!

So, is she at least having fun food cravings?

“Everybody is asking that. I haven’t yet,” she says. “It’s a bummer. I wish I had something weird to tell.”

I wish she did, too! I’m guess her biggest thing is actually eating real meals now. All these actresses are too thin, and JJ always looks a little thin to me. Mayonnaise, cheese, on white bread. yum yum yum.

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