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Tori and Dean Do Halloween with the Guncles

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott take Liam and Stella out for Halloween -BusyBeeBlogger

Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling took their little Stella and Liam out for a little pre Halloween fun.  You know these two wear this outfit around the house all the time right?  I mean, they didn’t even dress up for last night’s 17th Annual Dream Halloween.  ;-)


Also joining in on the red carpet fun, THE GUNCLES!!!  Bill Horn, Scout Masterson brought their new bundle of joy Simone Lynn Masterson out for the world to see!  How cute is she in that roasting pan.  Ok, um, that doesn’t sound right.

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Gilles Marini's Second Choice of Costume

Gilles Marini his wife Carole and their kids all dressed up the night before Halloween! -BusyBeeBlogger

Actor Gilles Marini took his famliy out to support the 17th Annual Dream Halloween benefiting the children affected by Aids foundation presented by Mattel and Toys “R” US Held at The Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, California last night.  A little pre-Halloween fun to be had by all I’m sure.


While Gilles could look good in a gunny sack, he had a costume idea that his wife nixed!

@GillesMarini My wife just bought me a costume for Halloween.I wanted to be a (miner) but she went for a couple vampire! Photos to come, Happy Halloween .

I think his wife, Carole just didn’t want to bring along the mistress that came along with the Chilean miner costume.  I mean, who wants that extra baggage while trick or treating?

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Coco Arquette Has the Coolest Costume: Bumblebee

halloween face painting  running happy daughter coco
Who is going to be the coolest girl in Hollywood tomorrow? No not me silly, little Coco Arquette! Her dad, David Arquette spilled the beans at his movie premier Friday night.

“Sunday, yeah we go trick-or-treating,” Arquette said at the screening of his short film The Legend Of Hallowdega presented by AMP Energy Juice on Friday at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. “Coco is going to be a bumblebee and Courteney is going to be a sunflower.” As for his own costume, Arquette is looking for something to match and joked, “I’ll put on a flower suit or something.” [People]

David Arquette Shares Extramarital Sex Tales On Howard Stern -BBB

Wow, don’t get all excited about that dressing up thing there David. Or maybe he’s not looking forward to spending the evening with his estranged wife, Courteney after he spilled the beans about his new sex life on Howard Stern.

What are YOU dressing up as tomorrow night? Me? I’m dressing up as a blogger who sits around the living room surrounded by chocolate cake and cocktails. yep, total fantasy.

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Kathy Griffin Reporting For Halloween Duty!

My tricks are treats, sir! -BusyBeeBlogger

Woohoo!  Look at THIS HOTTIE!    Kathy Griffin tweeted out this picture of herself getting ready for… wait for it…. Paris Hilton’s Halloween party today.

@KathyGriffin All dressed up 4 @Parishilton Halloween party. YES, I’m invited. My girl can laugh!

Kathy Griffin is the new Kotex Girl! -VIDEO

Can I just say one thing? Kathy is looking mighty fine! Yes, I know she says she’s starving all the time. And yes, she hates working out, and she’s miserable… but it is paying off!

Kathy Griffin and Paris are BFF!

What do you think of Kathy’s outfit? Doesn’t she look great?!?!

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How about a Sex and the City Makeover! [Pic & VIDEOS]

With Sex and the City 2 coming out on DVD/Blu-ray this weekend, Busy Bee wanted to know if you could have a makeover as ANY of women, who would it be? Are you classic like Charlotte? Eclectic as Carrie? Polished as Miranda? Or confident as Samantha?

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