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Blind Item Ironman Style

Since we’re less than a week out from the California Ironman, I thought I’d post a Blind Item celebrating.

Once on a trip to one of the European races this racer found it to be a little too hot. While he and his nutty training partner were getting packed up in the van in the airport parking lot, he just couldn’t take the heat anymore. He stopped throwing luggage in the van and told those riding with them up to their hotel to promise not to laugh at him, but didn’t immediately say why. While the other rider stood there wondering what he meant, this athlete dropped his pants, exposing knee length bright orange with white daisy print boxers under his jeans. This left everyone stunned, then laughing.

He quickly put on a pair of shorts and off they all went to the hotel.

It’s good to know that no matter what happens on the course, this guy’s sense of humor is second to none. ;-)

Now would I lie to you?

Image by Snap Bandz

Is Sandra Bullock back in Los Angeles?

After being hidden for over a week, has there really been a Sandra Bullock sighting? TMZ is saying “YES” and that the Oscar winner is indeed in Los Angeles.

It looks like Sandra left her house 5 minutes ago. She was wearing a big green sun hat that was covering her face. A bodyguard and an assistant blocked her — with the help of several trusty umbrellas — as she exited the house through the garage and got into a waiting car.

Sandra got in the backseat of a black Mercedes and the driver whisked her away.

Images by BauerGriffin

Dave Salmoni Opens up In Flaunt -Photos

In this month’s Flaunt Magazine the Discovery Channel’s Dave Salmoni opens up, and shows off what he’s got. Salmoni is best known for his work with the Discovery Channel’s Rogue Nature and Animal Planet’s Predator vs. Prey, wrestling with alligators, great white sharks, and tigers.

So what does the lion tamer find sexy?

“I think the sexiest thing you can do is get into conservationism,” he explains. “I believe that most conservation problems have become a financial discussion. Most of the these problems are in poor countries where the population needs the same resources that the animals need. That conflict always results in the animals coming off second best.”

How does he do all of his work with dangerous animals?

For Salmoni, this courageous ability to “come at it” is all about instinct. “I think some people might say it’s exceptionally stupid,” he says. “I, above anybody else, know that I’m doing life-threatening work. So when I come out of it safely, everyone’s going, ‘Wow, that’s exceptional; you’re amazing.’ But that one day when someone gets a phone call, and I didn’t make it out, I did get eaten, that’s when I’ll be exceptionally stupid.”

This man is hot. Hot Hot HOT! Check out more in this month’s Flaunt Magazine, and more pics below. Beware, can be NSFW.