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Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw updated

I’ll make this quick, because it’s short.

From Dave Rickards’ MySpace

Hey Guys, thanks so much for the wonderful letters. We’re all heartbroken, truly. KGB is where I want to die, so this is tough. Let me promise you, this was not about us trying to go to some other station. There is no other station. It has always been about KGB, and if it can get fixed, we’ll do it. By the way, I’m hearing a lot of “I’m boycotting KGB, and their sponsors”. Listen, this is not the sponsors fault, so don’t hold them responsible. Cool? Happy New Year to you all! And God bless our military and freedom fighters around the world. Dave

There is also a FaceBook page to “Bring Back Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw”. Dave’s wife, Nicole Rickards, has left a few notes there for fans, as has Ruth 66/Nina.

More as we get it!

UPDATE!   DSC made the front page of the Union Tribune!

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  1. I Love that MASON is on Walrus in the AM.

  2. Ruthie’s doing traffic tomorrow on the walrus 105.7, chainsaw is on a website 619 sports, as for everyone else? no idea