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’24′ Season 8 Preview! VIDEO


Jack Bauer is back for another season of ’24′.

Kiefer Sutherland’s alter ego is out of his old job, and spending time with his granddaughter (pics), but do you think that will last very long?

See the teaser below!

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Craig Ferguson Goes Dark! VIDEO

Craig Ferguson

If you haven’t heard already, there’s been some wicked winds in Southern California this week. It’s been knocking over trees, and even taking out power in some areas. One of the areas taken out? Craig Ferguson‘s Late Late show!

Ferguson was at the end of interviewing Alicia Silverstone about her new book when BAM! the lights go out!

The best part is when his producer yells out “KEEP GOING”. WHAT? How do you keep going when you can’t see anything? IT’S TELEVISION!

Ferguson even ended the show via flashlight.

So glad I taped it.

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Man V Food goes to Baltimore!

TONIGHT on Man Versus Food Adam heads to Baltimore, Maryland. The challenge? MEAT!

Adam heads to Steak & Main for the ‘Great Steak Challenge’. I’m not sure ‘great’ describes just how massive this challenge is. Adam has one hour to eat five different cuts of beef (74 ounces total) and one pound of sides. Two dozen have attempted this feat, but only four have succeeded. “Wanna know where the beef is? It’s on the battlefield”.

Holy cow! 74 ounces of STEAK??? Tasty, yes. Happy tummy? No.


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Jennifer Ansiton Wants to be a Bond Girl

jennifer aniston 3

Jennifer Aniston is telling us all what she would really like to do as an actress. Be a Bond girl! Who wouldn’t?!

She said: “I would love to an action movie. James Bond, glamour and Daniel Craig… s**t loads of fun!”

I would LOVE to see Jen do a movie like that. Fast cars, sexy men, dangerous situations! Oh, and Daniel Craig. She went on to say

“Sometimes you’re not always thrilled by the movie you’re pushing. I don’t want to just play the girl trying to get the guy. That doesn’t interest me anymore. But I tend to get offered funny, quirky or pretty.”

I can only imagine. You would be thankful for the work, but after a while, getting the same offers must be a little boring.

One movie Aniston is excited about… the Goree Girls that comes out next year.

“It’s something we’ve been working on for so many years; it’s just exciting that it’s finally at this place. And yes I am going to sing and play guitar. What’s the worst that can happen? I can make an a*s out of myself? Like that’s never happened… and, you know, if you don’t keep trying new things, it just gets boring, doesn’t it?”

Love the attitude.

Good luck Jen!

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