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Jude Law Brings His Kids To Work!

jude law kids 2

Actor Jude Law brings two of his kids, Iris and Rudy, to work with him yesterday. And when I saw work, I mean to his New York performance of Hamlet in NYC. a How cool would it be to go to work with your dad when he’s performing on Broadway?  Maybe it’s just me I’ve alwys wanted to see what the boards look like in person.  I’d be in HEAVEN!

But then I’d be the kid that would pull the wrong rope and have the entire set fall down setting the theatre on fire :-/

It would be a great time up until then, though.


IT’S HERE! Britney’s “3″

britney spears 3 brown eyes

Naughty Naughty Britney Spears just dropped her video for her newest hit “3″. It will be on her new greatest hits CD, “The Singles”.

What do you think?

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’24′ Season 8 Preview! VIDEO


Jack Bauer is back for another season of ’24′.

Kiefer Sutherland’s alter ego is out of his old job, and spending time with his granddaughter (pics), but do you think that will last very long?

See the teaser below!

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