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Speilberg, Warhol, Jagger in a hotel room

This may sounds like a bad set up for a joke, but we found this fascinating clip on Defamer (we give credit around here you know) and were mezmerized at 1) Stephen Speilberg was hanging out in a hotel room with Andy Warhol 2) Bianca Jagger was there, too, looking as if she can’t decided to be interested or not, and 3) all three are messed up on something hectic.

You have to watch the clip to really get the idea. There’s a TV on that no one’s watching, talk of swallowing the future, and a few “are you out of your head” looks tossed around.

What I’m really wondering if this was Pre-Poltergeist, or post. Watch it, you’ll understand.

A Lohan Truce?

According to Michael Lohan’s WEBSITE, there has been a TRUCE called between the father and daughter.  BOTH of who have been known to sling mud in the press and in their own blogs.

So yeah a truce has been called, but I don’t believe it.  Maybe Michael has called a truce, but you know Lindsay’s going to go off on her MYSPACE talking about her legging collection only to mention that her dad has disappointed her and her mother in some way.

Oh here’s the quote from ML’s site again with lovely pic

michael lohan lindsay lohan blog

Hmmm, I have to admit if you read the comments on her myspace blog, they are rather out of control.

And sometimes you just have break ties with family.  It’s just the way it is.  But if you keep talking about them, you obviously still have feelings for them.  I’m just saying.

DJ AM and Travis Barker change of venue

travis barker DJ AM new years

For those of you that were planning on seeing DJ AM, and Travis Barker on New Years, take heed!   The venue has changed.  It is NOW being held at The WIltern.   And if you cannot make it there in person, you can watch online

And there you have it.