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nicole richie and harlow

Brit Brit Celebrates her b-Day at G A Y

Nicole Richie shows of her cutie Harlow -Celebrity Fashion Watcher

Blake Lively wants you to look at her -Yeeeah

Caption Lagerfeld - Ayyyy

Madonna’s Documentary debutes on the sundance channel -MSN

“Kind of sexy” Ace of Cakes -Right Celebrity

Blake admits, he messed up Amy Winehouse- INO

HAHA Robert Downey Jr “knocked cold” on set of Sherlock Holmes -Daily Stab

Hugh Jackman talks Flashing and his first kiss -Girls Talking Smack

Britney with the Brits

Britney Spears gave her top hat to the little boy dancer this time for her performance of “Womanizer” for Simon Cowell on X FACTOR. I was REALLY hoping that Simon would make her sing live and she’d drag him onstage and sing the song to him. But my dreams were dashed. Darn.

And while her performance was full of life this time, unlike the one in Germany, that outfit kind of … um… sucked. I really liked the outfit from France…. And what happened to the gold globe?

Way to go B. It actually rocked.

Britney Spears x factor 1

Britney Spears x factor 2

Anderson Cooper, in a Swimsuit

That’s right!!! We’ve got Anderson Cooper (aka the Silver Fox) in his swim trunks. Sure he’s pretending that it’s all in the name of being a good journalist, but we all know, that he wanted to show off his tan.

Andy was interviewing the human fish, Michael Phelps for 60 minutes, when I’m sure he decided that it would be “good tv” to challenge MP to a race. Yeah, that’s right, it’s just a cheap ploy to show off the fruits of his workout labor.

I think the best part is how Andy-poos hair doesn’t move even after being in the pool. Sweet!

Honey Drops

Britney Does GLAMOUR -Daily Stab

Amy Winehouse wants a divorce, still, again, whatever -Dlisted

Whitney Houston
can’t be this stupid can she? - Celebrity Smack

How does Demi Moore do it? -Celebrity Dirty Laundry

Chelsea Handler for …playboy??? -Yeeeah

Aubrey O’Day doing Playboy? -IDLYITW

SANTA! What’s going on here?! -Ayyyy

Inside Katherine Heigl’s 200th birthday -Webster Is my Bitch

Hey Lindsay, Smile for the camera -Celebrity Fashion Watcher

Le Womanizer

Brit Brit is continuing her tour of Europe taking over the French TV show, STAR ACADEMY. The audience was MUCH more receptive to WOMANIZER than those in Germany at the Bambi Awards.

She had a wardrobe change (as did her dancers) and seemed a little more confident this time around. I dig the red dress ala ring leader but there were a few times that could become a wardrobe malfunction.

The French love Britney, and she did a lovely job.

She’s off to see Simon Cowell on X Factor tomorrow. And we all know how loving and kind he can be.