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Sex is Back for More

As if we didn’t get enough of Sex and the City the movie this year, it’s BACK! I thought for sure that they would have waited for Christmas, but what do I know. The extended
DVD release party was last night in NYC, but not everyone was there. Bummer.

But we DID get to see Evan Handler (harry) and Mario Cantone (Anthony), who don’t usually get too much in the spotlight. Yay! I didn’t see anything from Kristin Davis or Chris Noth… hmmmm. Maybe Kristin was too busy promoting her new clothing line?

Evan Handler is also starring in Californication with recently rehabbing David Duchovny. Evan was asked about David while on the SATC red carpet.

“The most I can say is that I hope he’s doing really well — and I heard he is doing really well,” Handler told at a DVD launch party for the Sex and the City movie in NYC Thursday. “I can’t wait to go back on the set because the work experience is the best one that I’ve had.”

And that’s diplomacy on the Red Carpet. ;-)

Here’s more pics of Sarah Jessica Parker doing her modern twist on Holly Golightly, with Michael Patrick King, Cynthia Nixon, Evan Handler, Kim Cattrall with boyfriend Alan Wyse, and Mario Cantone!



Tom Jones new CD

tom jones

What’s new pussycat? Tom Jones’ new CD!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! I became a fan of Tom Jones during grad school, and I annoy the crap out of my mom playing or singing it whenever I can. what’s wrong with a little She’s a Lady in the middle of the day?

Anywaaaaaaaaays, the CD with be Tom’s first in the US in 15 years! Holy cow! His last CD released was in 2000 but it was not released in the US. SEX BOMB was on that CD, and I suggest you go to I Tunes and download it. DO IT NOW

THe new CD, 24 HOURS , will be out November 25th, with some interesting help. Bono and The Edge from U2 helped him with some of the songs on the new album.   Mr. Jones wanted to go for a retro sound ala Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black.

“The fire is still in me,” Jones told The Associated Press in a recent interview, speaking by phone from his home in Los Angeles. “Not to be an oldie, but a goodie. I want to be a contender.”

“We’ve been thinking about this for a while, doing a retro sound but new,” said Jones. “And Amy Winehouse, she cracked it. When that album came out, my son called me right away and said, `You know what we’ve been talking about? Listen to this.’”


She's hip

Kathy Griffin Welcomes You to Her MySpace Page!

She’s finally done it. Two time EMMY WINNER Kathy Griffin has a MYSPACE page. Yeah, welcome to 2005. Anyways, she send all of her adoring fans, like me, and those can suck it a little message.


So what Happened Ron?

ron white

On of my favorite comedians (PBR bull owner) , Ron White, made the mistake of having marijuana and got arrested the other night. (click here).

So what’s the story?

Believe it or not, Ron has a MYSPACE and posted what happened, how he got arrested, and why his 2 private pilots are now former employees.

To read it, click for more

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Take Sheryl Crow home for Christmas

sheryl crow onstage at the DNC

You can bring Sheryl Crow home this Christmas! Ok ok, she has a new Christmas album out, so it’s not really like having the living doll with you, but it can do. PEOPLE has a first listen to I’LL BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS. I loved her version of Blue Christmas a few years ago, so this might be a MUST HAVE for me, a fellow MIZZOU alum and rocker girl. lol.

“Christmas Eve is when I start to really feel the meaning of Christmas,” says Crow. “We all go to church and about 50 people come over to my family’s house. It’s just something I look forward to every year.”

I have albums I listen to EVERY YEAR, and it drives my friends crazy… This just might be another one of those… But you can only get this one at HALLMARK starting September 30th. FYI.

Here’s pics of Sheryl at the DNC, at her Bootheel Trading denim launch, and Stand Up to Cancer.