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My new friend, Babara Walters

Barbara Walters MySpace Pic

On her radio show this week, Barbara Walters admitted that she now has a MySpace.

“I am now on MySpace,” the broadcast veteran, 78, told her View co-producer Bill Geddie on Barbara Live, her weekly Sirius radio show.

“What would bother me is if nobody got in touch with me,” she admited. “What if … nobody wanted to be my friend. I would be very depressed.”

Don’t be depressed! I’ll be your friend!!!

So I added Ms. Walters, so we’ll just have to see if she accepts!!!!

Come see her page here!!! Add her to YOUR MySpace!!!

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Alessandra Ambrosio Gets Serious about Panties

alessandra ambrosio victorias secret

Wow, she really gets into her job doesn’t she? Panties and bras are such heavy topics!!! Alessandra Ambrosio was promoting the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Lingerie Fashion Show in Yahoo’s “The 9″ studio in New York City.

She’s so thin and pretty…. I hate her. In a good way :-)


Evening Honey Drops!!!!

megan fox BUNDLED UP

Megan Fox is still hot even bundled up – Derek Hail

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Kristin Davis on set

Kristin Davis sex and the city


I love Charlotte York Goldenblatt on Sex and the City and Kristin Davis has stepped into her running shoes once again.

charlotte york elizabeth taylor

And look who’s with her! Elizabeth Taylor (the dog, not the diamond loving actress)


Morning Honey Drops!!!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie get dirty

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Violet Affleck
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