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What Could You Do With $500? Play Find Your Fortune! #WIN5X

Albertsons find your fortune

Just what could you do with an extra $500 this month?  Pay for those back to school bills, get some groceries, take a vacation, get ready for Christmas? I would like to go on another vacation, or finally do some decorating at my new place. Well this month, participating Southern California Albertsons are offering you a chance to do just that with  Find Your Fortune #WIN5X !

This month, for every gift card you buy at Albertsons you get a chance to win 5x the value of your airtime or select gift card you buy, up to $500 by playing Find Your Fortune #win5x. Through the end of September, you will receive a print at checkout with a code for each airtime or select gift card you purchase.

To see if you’re a winner, enter your codes at There’s no waiting to find out if you have won, you willl know instantly if you have Found Your Fortune, and will receive your prize direct via email.  WooHoo!!  When you play, don’t forget to share on social media with the hastag #win5x

For the rest of the month, you can play up to 5 times every day, and with 10 winners a day, you’ll want to stock up on airtime and gift cards for yourself, and everyone you know!

The Find Your Fortune program ends September 30th. There is no purchase necessary to enter or win. There is a limit of 5 codes per transaction. Visit for official rules and participating stores.

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Southern California Delicious Sweet Treat – B Toffee

b toffee candy packaging

Southern California is full of inventive food. B. toffee out of Newport Beach (that is between San Diego and Los Angeles for those not from here) has developed their own twist on the classic toffee topped with chocolate and nuts.

This artisan toffee company has taken all the good things about toffee, the rich buttery flavor with the nuts and chocolate topping and gotten rid of the part I can do without: the hard to chew consistency. I do not want to be afraid that I am going to break a tooth from eating my toffee. (Don’t laugh too hard, that honestly happened to someone in the family)

b toffee from newport beach southern california

B. toffee’s delicious candy has the great nutty taste of the toffee you love, all with the yummy chocolate layer and nuts. The beautiful toffees come in the most elegant packaging in just the right size canisters making these toffees the perfect thank you, congratulations, or housewarming gifts. Trust me, I ate the entire package of these, your friends are going to love them.

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The ENTIRE Altuzarra Collection is a Target!

Altuzarra for Target Look 2 Price: $44.99 Buy Now

I rarely get excited about any collaboration that comes around with department stores and designers, but this new line from Altuzarra just for Target has me VERY excited. The new designer line launched yesterday at select in-store Target locations as well as online.

Altuzarra for Target Look 21  The red velvet tuxedo pant & matching bl… [More] Price: $59.99 Buy Now

So what does this Southern California retro vintage girl like about this contemporary line for Target? The shape, and the cut of most of the clothes are feminine without being floofy. They can most all be belted , and they have quite the 40s and 70s throwback vibe, but in a classic way. Wrap dresses, skirts, fabulous long dresses with amazing giant flower details, python print, separates including blazers and velvety trousers.

Oh and did I mention the Accessories?   See more after the jump


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Black Bear Family Loves The Golf Course VIDEO

Edward D'Ancona Pin-Up up to par

I’m not sure how I would handle distraction on the golf course. Up in British Columbia a group of golfers were playing a round when they came across this: a family of black bears on the green. The littlest one is not too interested in any of the bugs or anything else but in rather enchanted with the red flag marking the hole.

bear family on golf course video



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The Marine Corps Has A New Member And He’s Oh So Cute

smedley puppy usmc mcrd


The US Marines have a new graduate, and he is the absolute cutest member of the military ever. Today, six month old bulldog puppy, Smedley Butler, is the newest member the United States Marine Corps. During a ceremony at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot here in San Diego little Smedley replaced his predecessor, Cpl. Belleau Wood, who is now retired lives in Temecula with his new family.

Smedley — named after a major general who was the most decorated Marine when he died — will receive the eagle, globe and anchor emblem in a ceremony that symbolizes the culmination of recruit training. The ceremony is the first time recruits are called Marines.

The dog’s duties will include participating in events like family day, motivational runs and graduation ceremonies, in addition to various community relations and recruiting events throughout the western recruiting region.

Smedley, whose namesake was the second commander of the MCRD, continues a tradition of mascots at the facility. The first depot mascot was James Jolly Plum Duff, an English bulldog introduced by Butler in 1939. [SanDiego6]

I have been able to see a graduation of the Marines from MCRD San Diego, and it is quite the ceremony. But the one thing that caught everyone’s attention, was the bulldog walking around the stands. During the ceremony, if I remember correctly, the bulldog that is currently in service does has a teeny tiny uniform that fits him and he is treating like a big to do. It is just so cute.

USMC puppy

You can follow little Smedley on MCRD San Diego’s Instagram account. You would be hard pressed to know that it is supposed to be the account for the Marines. There is so much puppy cuteness you just might need CPR.

All images via MCRD San Diego’s Instagram account

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